Epilogue: 19 Months Later

These past few months, I embarked on a journey to envision what was occurring in the wizarding world between the final battle and the epilogue. I worked my way through increments of 19 – 19 minutes, 19 days, and 19 weeks. Now I have reached the end with 19 months since after that, the rest is history. For us fans, we may never discover what truly happened in these time periods, and it’s been fun to test my imagination. All of your comments made me smile to know that we all would love to know more about Harry’s world.

It’s December 1999, the first Christmas season within a full year of no Voldemort. Hogwarts students are traveling home with ease since their time at school has been filled with stressful assignments rather than Death Eater attacks. Celestina Warbeck’s voice is playing through everyone’s home; she recently released a new holiday record. Hermione, Ginny, and Luna are seven months out of Hogwarts and beginning their new careers. Harry and Ron are thankful to have a break from their Auror duties because Mr. Weasley keeps visiting their office to check in on them far too often. Families are enjoying the snow while shopping at Diagon Alley, and the Daily Prophet has been covering the top techniques to cook a Christmas turkey.

The Ministry hasn’t been on high alert in months, Kingsley is a huge success as Minister of Magic (at least, in my world he is), and the Quidditch World Cup has begun preparations for its next match. It seems as if everything is falling back into place. The Dementors at Azkaban are thrilled to have new and familiar faces to feed off of now that all of the Death Eater trials have been completed.

While the holidays are a time for celebration and happiness, it’s also a time to remember. The Weasleys and Harry will venture off together on a Sunday morning to lay fresh flowers on Fred’s grave, as will many others for their respected loved ones. Harry will bring young Teddy Lupin to visit his parents and later spoil him with ice cream as the fun godfather Harry swore to be. On Christmas day, witches and wizards will remember to be grateful for each other and hug each other closer in memory of those not with them.

It sounds bleak, but life is truly turning around as the world continues to move forward. Even the Muggles can feel a difference with less outrageous weather storms and unexplainable tragedies.

It is honestly hard to say what else is going on during that time due to the little information we have. Children are getting excited to turn 11 and go off to Hogwarts come September, seventh year students are preparing for their NEWTs, and Aurors are back to doing whatever it is they did before Voldemort was causing chaos.

At 19 months, most of the world has healed. That doesn’t mean that everything has been forgotten, but people are able to go about their day with smiles and laughs, knowing that those lost months ago are free from pain. Their sacrifices and deaths will never be in vain but a positive reminder that because of their bravery, they can enjoy a world without fear.

Can you think of more scenarios for the wizarding world at this time? Comment with your thoughts so that we can continue to imagine the future of their world together.

Lizzie S.

Lizzie Sudlow joined MuggleNet in August 2015 as a Creative Editorialist, and has since transitioned to the Internship Coordinator role. Lizzie also serves as a rotating host for MuggleNet’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ podcast, SpeakBeasty. In her spare time, this Ravenclaw enjoys cuddling with her cat and fiancé.