Ron Perlman Cast in “Fantastic Beasts”!

Stage and screen legend Ron Perlman is the latest member to be added to the cast of Fantastic Beasts!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Perlman is rumored to play a goblin in the film. He’s no stranger to hours in the make-up trailer, having played many a character that requires a bit of enhancement, including the titular character in the live-action version of the comic Hellboy and Vincent in the ’80s television series Beauty and the Beast.

Prior to this casting, he was also a stone’s throw from the Potter franchise, having starred alongside Rupert Grint in Moonwalkers.

Will his goblin character be someone we’re already familiar with? Will he simply provide a voice-over or perhaps partake in motion-capture filming for the trilogy? Either way, we are excited to welcome Perlman to the Potter universe!

  • lsdnfn

    If he is indeed playing a goblin then you might as well prepare yourselves for angry comments from little people.

  • njandro625

    i hope they don’t rely too much on CGI for these films. Perlman is still wonderful.