Harry Potter, Newt Scamander Coming to “LEGO Dimensions”!

Exciting news for all you LEGO Dimensions fans out there! It has been revealed that some familiar faces will be joining the world soon for the second edition. The first installment of the game, released last fall, included a voice known by Harry Potter fans – Gary Oldman. Now, LEGO Dimensions is expanding to include the Harry Potter universe, something that is sure to excite all Harry Potter and LEGO fans. In case you’re unfamiliar with LEGO Dimensions, here’s a little bit more about the game:

LEGO Dimensions is built around the principal of a LEGO Multiverse where characters and worlds from the likes of The Lego Movie, DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and The Simpsons co-exist and mingle.

A total of 16 new worlds will be coming to the game, including a Harry Potter world, which will be released on September 27. The Harry Potter world will allow players to play as Harry Potter and Voldemort and explore familiar Harry Potter settings, including Diagon Alley. A Battle Arena will also be added, which allows players to compete with other players. The managing director of games developer TT, Tom Stone, says,

We’ve built upon the existing LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack to expand the gameplay possibilities with entirely new LEGO experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. We can now provide players with even more customization and mash-up opportunities, and all are compatible with the existing game and packs. Battle Arenas also introduce a fun new way for friends and family to join the action together and battle as favorite characters, which is an exciting innovation for LEGO videogames.

And if that’s not enough, a Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them story pack extension will follow not long after! 

Check out the trailer below, and make sure to look out for Harry, some familiar settings, and Newt Scamander…

You can learn more about other new worlds and story pack extensions being released here. The Harry Potter world will be released on September 27. Details about the Fantastic Beasts release are still to come – watch this space!

Are you looking forward to these new expansion packs? Will you be getting them when they’re released? Let us know in the comments!