Pottermore, Do You Think “Cursed Child” Is Canon or Not?



For the last few years, Pottermore has been putting out new information about the Harry Potter series that comes straight from J.K. Rowling. Not everything on Pottermore comes straight from J.K. Rowling. There are also positive opinion pieces, listicles, and compiled backstories of J.K. Rowling’s previous writings. Pottermore itself has claimed that all the information it publishes is canon, but lately, I’ve been wondering if they only push the canon they want fans to focus on.



As the fandom famously knows, J.K. Rowling tweeted last year saying that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child should, in fact, be treated as wizarding world canon. While Pottermore does have a section of the website dedicated to Cursed Child news, there never seems to be any mention of it in regard to the official wizarding world canon.


Malfoy Family Tree



For example, last month Pottermore published a finished Malfoy family tree, as well as a beautiful portrait of Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco. The tree also has the complete extended Black family side. It includes extended characters that we don’t hear about much, as well as a small bio of them. We have Rabastan Lestrange (Death Eater and Rudolph’s brother), Edward Lupin (Tonks and Remus’s son), Brutus Malfoy (Lucius’s great-grandfather), and even Daphne Greengrass (Astoria Malfoy’s sister). A testimony of Malfoy family canon, one might say. But I looked closer at the family history and noticed one person who was missing: Delphi. She is a character who is supposed to be Bellatrix’s “daughter.”

I know you may claim that this is a Malfoy family tree. Bellatrix would never include her secret daughter a family portrait. Yes, but the Malfoys or Blacks would definitely not allow Edward Tonks, a Muggle-born, or Remus Lupin, a half-blood werewolf, on a family tree, but there they both are. Now, I’m not here trying to force Cursed Child as canon. I don’t think it is and nor do I actually believe Bellatrix had a daughter with Lord Voldemort. But J.K. Rowling’s infamous tweet says it is, and shouldn’t Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s website, follow what she says is canon?


Character Profiles

Pottermore has sections of the website dedicated to many different characters from the wizarding world. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have their own pages, as well many other side characters. On these pages, you can read extra information J.K. Rowling has written about them, articles about their best moments, quotes, pictures from the films, and character bios. Some of the pages even have complete character timelines, like Ron Weasley‘s. There is absolutely no mention of Ron’s story in Cursed Child, and the quotes that are taken from 19 years later are from the epilogue of Deathly Hallows, not Cursed Child. In fact, no character that is mentioned in Cursed Child has anything about Cursed Child on their page. Additionally, no “new” characters (Albus Severus, Scorpius Malfoy, Delphi, Rose Granger-Weasley) even have a character bio to begin with. Everything Cursed Child related is strictly kept on the Cursed Child tab of the website. Cursed Child is not treated as the canon continuation of the original series.



Wizarding World Book Club 

The Wizarding World Book Club is Pottermore’s brand new book club that will discuss and analyze the Harry Potter books on Twitter.  The title of the book club is the Wizarding World Book Club, not Harry Potter, so why is Cursed Child not part of the discussion? Does Pottermore not consider Cursed Child to be “the eighth story,” as it is often referred to?  Perhaps they will announce plans to read Cursed Child as well as Fantastic Beasts after they finish Deathly Hallows, but who can know?

In the meantime, be sure to check out MuggleNet’s own Harry Potter reread podcast, Alohomora!




Canon on Pottermore

Pottermore has no articles or posts about what canon is or isn’t to begin with. If you search “canon” on the website, nothing even comes up. Pottermore is such a great place for J.K. Rowling to teach us about new wizarding world expansions. I just wish that Pottermore would use its authority on the wizarding world to explain the confusing canon that the franchise now presents.


  • Kenny

    its not on potter more and you don’t see any information about it because #keepthesecrets.
    its all supposed to be a secret until people see the show. Thats why they give buttons out at the show telling people not to spoil it.

  • Slughorn’s Trophy Wife


  • Zack NightShade

    It’s because there are many people who still haven’t seen the play. #KeepTheSecrets is an official hashtag for a reason. It’s not that deep.

    • Lisa

      Yup and the final script has still not been published yet. Also it says clearly that the tree was made by the Pottermore team, it has nothing to do with Rowling. Character timelines are also created by the Pottermore editors and not in any way official. There’s even a mistake on Bellatrix’s timeline.

  • Edgar Torné

    I wish it weren’t canon but, unfortunately, it is.

  • stephforeigncountry

    I find it problematic that Pottermore somehow is expected to have the final say on what is/isn’t canon. In my eyes, if it wasn’t in the original seven books – it isn’t canon. Rowling can push and push Cursed to be considered canon, but I’m sorry – it just isn’t. (Not least because she didn’t write it.) From what I can tell, most of the HP fandom does not consider Cursed canon – and I trust our gut instinct NOT to accept it.

    • Mr Potter

      I find it problematic that the fandom has this childish attitude towards Cursed Child, just because they didn’t like the events written within the story.

      Firstly, the story WAS written by Rowling, which is why she can call the story canon. The work was a collaboration between Jo, Thorne and Tiffany, but Joarote the story, and Thorne and Tiffany only offered up ideas to add into the story. Overall, they had to have their Ida’s accepted by Jo before they went into the script, otherwise she wouldn’t permit them. Once they’re accepted inher mind, they become canon, because Jo herself authorised them. If Thorne and Tiffany just went ahead and put things I got he story without Jo, then it wouldn’t be canon. But there want a moment where she want present when they were writing.

      Also, the only reason Thorne’s name is on the cover as playwright (note he’s not the “author”) is because he formatted the script. That’s all. He took Jo’s story and converted the text, descriptions, characterisations etc into a script format, because at the time Jo had no clue about screenwriting. She herself admitted this when she started writing the the screenplays for Fantastic Beasts, she said she had to ask Steve Kloves (her Harry Potter film series screenwriter) for advice about how to format. Because she didn’t want to have to make two scripts for two projects, she handed her story to Thorne to FORMAT, not write; and that’s why legally he has to have his name down as playwright. BUT Jo wrote the story, so her name is down as “based on an original story by JK Rowling” predominantly.

  • Jan

    I just can’t, no matter what Ms. Rowling says, consider Cursed Child canon, not now, not ever!

    • MFD

      From what I’ve heard, it reads like a poorly written Fan Fiction.

      • Hadasah Elrond

        You’re right, i’ve read the scriptbook and it’s like reading Scorbus fanfiction T-rated.

      • Melissa

        The second half is a bit better than the first but still endorsed Fan Fiction

  • Ananya Banerjee

    Jo had always said that the HP series will have 7 books. So I had made peace with it. Cursed Child, though endorsed by Jo herself, never really felt necessary. I might have enjoyed Cursed Child had it been a fan fiction. But since she endorsed and actively promoted it, the expectations sky rocketted. I have not been able to accept it as a canon because of its contradictions with the original 7 books. Be it the polyjuice potion part or Delphi part of Cedric part. A lot of things made no sense at all. And that’s why it’s different from the books. In the books, every incident, everything that happened eventually made sense, if not immediately. So no, whatever JK Rowling says, I will never be able to take Cursed Child as a canon. And I know I’m not alone.

  • Iain Walker

    If Pottermore is ignoring Cursed Child as far as canon is concerned, then why is this a bad thing?

    Also, minor correction – Brutus Malfoy (17th C) is not Lucius’ great-grandfather (who would have been alive in the 19th C). The pre-Lucius Malfoys in the family tree are simply the named characters from the Malfoy family background on Pottermore, and so they skip a lot of generations.

    • Slughorn’s Trophy Wife

      I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. I hope they keep it up 😉