A Page from Lily’s Diary

Lily Potter’s love for her son was undeniable and beyond fathoming. However, it’s now possible to get a small glimpse into the depth of that love. During a recent excavation of the Potter house, a page from what appears to be Lily Potter’s diary was found. The text of that diary can be found below.


Dear Diary,

Today has been a fairly good day, all things considered. I finished the Charms book I’d been working through and James got a letter from Sirius. It mostly had updates about the Order and what they’ve been up to. It was coded, of course. The words could only be revealed by a passcode. One day, I’m going to get them to tell me how they learned to do that.

The letter wasn’t bad news – we’ve actually had some victories lately – but I can tell that it made James frustrated. He still hasn’t completely adjusted to the idea of being in hiding. I can tell he wishes he were out there doing something. Not that I think he has any intention of leaving or anything like that. He’s just frustrated. I get it. I feel the same way sometimes. Logically, I understand that we’re better off staying here, but I’m a Gryffindor as well. We prefer taking direct action. But ultimately, it’s all worth it if it keeps our baby safe, our Harry.

Sirius’s letter also gave us some updates on how the others are doing. Alice’s pregnancy is going well. In fact, she’s likely to give birth sometime in the coming weeks, the same as me. Perhaps our children will be friends someday, once the war is over. I really hope so. It’s a nice thought to have.

As for everyone else, Peter’s all right. We haven’t been in contact with him directly, so there’s even less suspicion about him being the Secret-Keeper, but Sirius passes on messages for us. Apparently, he’s been a bit nervous lately, but that’s understandable given the war. He’s all right, though. However, there’s still no word from Remus. He’s been in deep cover with the werewolf packs for weeks now. I understand the need for a spy, but I hate not knowing if he’s all right. James is even worse. If Remus hadn’t told him flat-out that he was okay with going, I think James would have argued against it till the end of time.

He’s already so protective over his friends, I can’t wait to see how he’ll be with Harry. My best prediction is that he’ll be the first to teach Harry all sorts of mischief but also the first to panic if Harry gets hurt. He’s going to make a really fantastic dad.

Oh, Harry, you’re going to be born soon. I’ll admit at first I was scared about getting pregnant. It seemed like the wrong time to bring a child into the world given the war. But I loved you anyway. And as time went on, that love has only grown. I need you to know that. That no matter what happens, your mother loved you from the very beginning. I love you more than anything else.


Unfortunately, this was all that could be recovered from the diary. The page was found alone, seemingly ripped out. The book itself is still missing. However, there is hope that future excavations will uncover it.