Fan Focus: Madison – Dec 11, 2002

Age 11, Ontario, Canada


This week’s Potter Profile is the eleven-year-old Madison from Ontario, Canada. As big of a fan as she is, which you will soon find out, the questions have been answered by her sometimes through her mother. As Madison is a kind special needs kid who unfortunately can’t type herself, her mother volunteered to answer them through her. Part of the questions will still be from Madison, though, so you will find out how devoted she is.

MuggleNet (Eric): How and when did you get in to Harry Potter?

I wanted to see the movie (Philosopher’s Stone) when it first came out. The day we saw it I was hooked, and a week later it was Christmas. My mom managed to get me the 4 books and a few other things in the mean time.

Mom: She is forcing herself to learn how to read because of Harry Potter. She wants to read the books herself. Her teacher at school is letting them listen to the stories on tape in class while following along in the books

Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

My favorite book of the four is Chamber of Secrets. I like it the most because of all the funny things that Harry and Ron get caught in, and of all the events that are humorous involving them.

What character can you relate to most?

Mom: Madison can relate most to Hermione Granger because she looks JUST like her. She was Hermione for Halloween and people couldn’t believe the resemblance. She had the grey skirt, white collared shirt, grey sweater, Hogwarts tie, Hogwarts cape, black dress shoes, a wand, and wavy hair which happens to be the exact same colour and length as Emma Watson’s in the movie.

What do you think of the inevitable boy/girl stuff coming in Book 5?

Ick, too mushy! ‘Nuff said.

Who do you think Harry will “hook up” with in Book 5? What about Ron?

Once Harry gets up the nerve, I am positive he will ask Cho out. He’s always thinking how pretty she is, and it’s destined to be. As for Ron, he’ll hook up with Hermione of course. But first, they’ll have to finally realize how much they like each other, which may be a book away.

What character do you think will die in Book 5?

I really hope that Professor Snape dies. Nobody likes him, he’s too mean and evil to survive. Everybody says it will be Hagrid, though, and I hope not.

Which school house would you want to be in? Do you think the Sorting Hat would place you in that house?

I would love to be in Gryffindor. It’s the most cheery lot and also the most popular. The sorting hat would definitely place me in Gryffindor, as I’m so much like Hermione.

Do you have any interesting HP stories to share?

Mom: For her 11th birthday she had a Harry Potter themed party. The walls were decorated with the actual house banners and the Hogwarts banner. There were black and purple table clothes, HP plates and napkins, cups, utensils, hats, and party favours. The grab bags contained Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans, a deck of trading cards, gummy worms, and everything else you could think of that were mentioned in the books or shown in the movie.

The kids went through the sorting ceremony by pulling a house nametag out of a burgundy felt bag. They wore these badges as they were sent to their classes. These classes included Herbology (planting seeds), Transfiguration (making animals out of play-dough), Spells (decorating wood dowel wands), and Potions (mixing stuff together like baking soda and vinegar or beet juice and alka seltzer tablets; to make it foam and change colours). The kids all got to take home their wands, animal creations, and seeds as well.

Note from Eric: The only thing bad about it was that she didn’t invite me…

The house banners from her party hang on her bedroom walls now along with two Harry Potter posters. She owns four different wands, a nimbus 2000 broom, numerous action figures, two Harry dolls and one Hermione doll, a mail owl right from Warner Brothers studios and a Hedwig owl from Universal Studios. Her aunt made her two HP pillows, she has the bed spread and sheet set, numerous t-shirts, numerous books and sticker albums, her computer is “Harry Potterized” with an entire HP theme including icons and sounds of HP. Her pet fish are named Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and their fish tank even looks like Hogwarts with a castle and mountains. She has the entire coin collection right from England and one of the HP soundtracks. Also, she has both PC games and the entire collection of Legos from the first movie.

She figure skates in the local Special Olympics and does her skating solo to the Harry Potter theme song. She brushes her teeth with a Harry toothbrush, washes with Hedwig soap. This kid WANTS to go to Hogwarts, she WANTS to be Hermione. She makes people call her Hermione when at play. There is so much more to say about Harry Potter in this little girls life but you wouldn’t have enough room to post it 😉 She lives and breathes Harry Potter mania each and every day.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Maybe a theory you’ve concocted, a shout-out, praise for yours truly?

Mom: I just want to thank J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers, and Chris Columbus for bringing Harry Potter into my daughter’s life. She is learning to read and is so captivated by everything and anything Harry Potter that her special needs seem to “disapear” from her life when it comes to Harry Potter. The world of Harry Potter is an ever-so-welcome entity in my daughter’s life and I hope for many more years of this wonderful series to keep her captivated and on the right track when it comes to learning.