Where is Book 5?

by Priya

I recently read the editorial Is Book 5 Done? by Russ Ullman, and I totally agree with his message. J.K. Rowling is definitely done with Book 5. But where is it? Probably locked in a cupboard under one of J.K.’s stairs. I believe the reason for this is not the Sotheby auction or J.K.’s way of proving she is in control. My reason for believing it’s not the Sotheby auction is because she could just as easily have given us clues for Book 6 had Book 5 already been published. And on the subject of control… well, all Harry Potter fans know she is in control anyway, and she doesn’t want to have to make us wait. I think the reason Book 5 is unpublished is because of a carefully thought out plan to capitalize on the Harry Potter franchise.

Let’s take a look back at the franchise history.

Books 1 through 4 were released approximately every year. About one year after Goblet of Fire was released the first movie was released, and exactly one year after that the second movie was released. In 2004, the third Harry Potter movie will probably be released (according to Warner Bros.). This, however, messes up our annual Harry Potter “experience” which means 2003 is a perfect time to release Book 5. This basically means that every year since the first Harry Potter book came out we have gotten an annual dose of something Harry Potter-ish. J.K. Rowling, as we all know, is no stupid woman. She, or perhaps those around her, has devised this plan to keep the franchise up as long as possible. Below I have made a schedule for when I think the books and movies (should they decide to make all 7) will be released.


Released My Projected Release Dates
1997 – Book 1 2003 – Book 5
1999 – Book 2 2004 – Movie 3 (Warner Bros. projected release date)
1999 – Book 3 2005 – Book 6
>2000 – Book 4 2006 – Movie 4
2001 – Movie 1 2007-2008 – Movie 5
2002 – Movie 2 >Late 2008 – Book 7
2009 – Movie 6
2010-2011 – Movie 7

I really believe J.K. Rowling is working on Book 6. Look at her history: When Chamber of Secrets (book) came out she was probably quite busy in her personal life. She was a single mother with financial problems and a job. Even after Sorcerer’s Stone (book) came out, it’s not like her monetary problems were gone. She still came out with Chamber of Secrets after a year. I understand she is definitely busier now, being so famous and all, but I am confident that the only thing she puts above Harry Potter is her family.

Should the above plan be executed properly the amount of money Harry Potter will make will be mind-blowing. Now I know that some people will read this and think “J.K. is not some wacko gold digger who’s in it only for the money!” And I totally agree with you. I’ve seen J.K. Rowling’s biography, Harry Potter and Me as well and if she says she’s not in it for the money then I believe her, hands on my heart. But the fact is that Harry Potter has come to America, and in America it is all about the money.

I know some of you might read this editorial and also think “Well that sucks. I want to read all the books now!” But this plan is actually very good for all Harry Potter fans. The longer the public stays interested in Harry Potter the more likely we are to get all 7 movies. All 7 books WILL be published, but the movies are a totally different issue. The movies will only be released if Warner Bros. can make money off it (they need a niffler — gold diggers). They are not going to make a movie just because I want to see one, whereas J.K. will write a book just because I want to read one.