Harry – Why He is Important to Society

by M.P. Cavanaugh

Harry- Why is he important? He’’s only a character in a book. But is he really? No, he’’s not. He’’s a so-called “ordinary boy” who found out he was one of the most famous and powerful wizards in the world.

Harry made us believe that we could do anything. He taught us to never give up no matter how rocky the road can get. He taught us to appreciate everything we have.

Harry Potter has taught me many things. He made me realize that it is important to appreciate what I have because Harry has no parents (this is very close to me because I recently lost my father). His only relatives don’’t love him and treat him like a bag of dirt. They look down on him as strange and of a lower sort than they make themselves appear.

He has also taught us never to give up. Harry never gave up once in his battles against evil. He is a true heroic fighter and will not give in because of his beliefs, even when he was standing alone. He defeated Voldemort and got rid of the Sorcerer’’s Stone. He fought the Basilisk until he was practically dead. He has shown courage even against the greatest of enemies.

Harry has also taken us into a world of magic and mystery where anything is possible. He has taken us out of today’s troubled world of war, hate, crime, and international tension and made us believe we could do anything if we stand for what we believe in even if people think we are nuts.

I would also like to say that we couldn’t forget to thank J. K. Rowling for creating an incredible series, because without her there would be no Harry Potter, Hagrid, Ron, Hermione, or Dumbledore. She has created a fantastic world that feels so real you may ask yourself – “Will I be asked to Hogwarts?” J. K. is an amazing writer with an even more amazing imagination. We owe her our gratitude for creating something we can all love.

In one way or another, Harry has shown through all of us. He makes us believe there is a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Harry James Potter truly is The Boy Who Lived, and for me – The Boy Who Made Us Believe.