Why Sirius isn’t Dead

by Jenna Post

Look, I for one am very upset (to say the least) that Sirius black was declared ‘dead’, but startling new research can prove that he may not have died at all. There are many theories, each of them as less likely as the next, but we cannot rule them out. We owe it to Sirius, to Harry, and to every single Harry Potter fan to wield the sword of truth and slay the awful lies.

Here are my theories: What if Sirius held information that was important to The Order, so he was one of Voldemort’s targets? Therefore, since Harry was not skilled in the ‘art’ of Occlumency, Voldemort might be able to harm him through Harry. Not only would it kill Sirius, it would surely tear Harry apart, harming his own Godfather.

Why didn’t they use a time turner? Even if someone did use a time turner to go back while Sirius was falling through The Veil, he would not have fallen through in the first place to be rescued, in that case, a time turner would have done more harm than good. But there is another way, it has hardly been spoken of, but it would work: What if someone went back to when Sirius was still at 12 Grimmauld Place, and took a Polyjuice Potion to transform into him, then that person went to The Department of Mysteries, knowing their fate was on the other side of The Veil, but Sirius would have never even been in the Department of Mysteries. It is highly possible, except, who would do that?

And another thing, doesn’t it seem like Remus and the others are in a strange mood near the end of OotP, like they’re a little too happy. I know that if one of my longtime friends had been recently deceased, I would be a wreck. They are not upset enough!

Since we don’t even know what The Veil is, it makes it harder to theorize. What if it is just a doorway? I haven’t heard anybody voice that option. If it was just a doorway, then why didn’t Sirius come back out right away? Well, it could be because Bellatrix hit him with a stunner (the light was red), because I am sure it wouldn’t be a mere disarm. Well even if Sirius was stunned, then why didn’t Remus let Harry through? The answer corresponds to my first theory: That Harry needs to think he is dead.

And if Sirius is dead (which he isn’t), then what the heck was PoA for? If not to give Harry dreams that would be crushed? I thought Rowling cared about Harry. If she did, she wouldn’t want to cause him more emotional pain than the awful trauma he has already faced.

I heard (from a very reliable source) that in an interview before OotP was released that Rowling said she would be killing off a character whom she enjoyed writing about. If she enjoyed Sirius so much, then why would she make his fans hurt like this? The answer is: she doesn’t enjoy writing about him as much as the Death Eaters. Weren’t some Death Eaters killed?

As you can tell, I am deeply upset at what happened. Sirius was, is, and will always be my favorite character.