Unsolved Mysteries in Harry Potter

by Wettereau

Let’’s get cooking. First off I’’ve been rereading the Harry Potter books for too long and I’’ve noticed a lot of things that could and probably will be of some importance later on in the series. I have no clue as to what any of these could mean or contain so if anybody has an idea please e-mail me.

The first thing I noticed is the one corridor that is apparently “caved in” according to the Weasley twins. And it could very well be caved in but, what if it’s not? I for one believe that it could be holding other secrets the twins have not yet revealed. Such as a time turner they used in GoF to find the score of the Quidditch World Cup game. It could also be something evil or bad that the twins don’’t want Harry to find. Who knows? I am probably wrong on this theory, but in the text, the twins are always fast to say that it’s caved in. I guess we will find out what is really in the lost corridor in book 6.

Another mystery that I found was the one pertaining to the one Christmas dinner at Hogwarts in PoA. If you don’’t remember I shall refresh your memory for you, short and sweet. 12 people sit down for dinner; Trelawney sits down and makes 13. It was very obvious when this happened because she announced it to the table. If you remember the Christmas dinner in OotP 13 sat down, first to get up, first to die. Unfortunately it was Sirius. When it happened in PoA, Harry and Ron both got up at the same time, or so it seems. TIME TO INVESTIGATE!!!

1. Harry and Ron got up at the same time. Does that cancel the first to get up is first to die thing or not, or states both will die at same time? 2. One got up right before the other so therefore will die before the series is over? a. Example: Harry dying to kill Voldy. b. Example: Ron dying so Harry can kill Voldy.

Who knows what could happen, JK used the rule of 13 before, and she will most definitely use it again.

I’’ve been reading all these people’’s articles on this website and they’’re all saying how Voldy and Harry can’’t duel. Well they can as long as their spells don’t collide like they did by chance in GoF. Harry has used Hermione’s wand before, so he could even use someone else’’s wand too.

I was also thinking about what happened in PoA at the end of the book. Harry saved Wormtail’’s life and Dumbledore told us that Wormtail owes his life to Harry because of this. In GoF Wormtail gave Voldy his arm. Could this mean that Voldy is now under that same spell type thing that Wormtail is under? So if Voldy uses Avada Kedavra against Harry it may again bounce off Harry and hit Voldy again like it did so many years ago.

Now I’’m just repeating this one bit because it’’s a very good idea. But I remember someone talking of a Harry/Matrix type thing going on. How Harry can do magic without a wand and Nemo can do sweet stuff outside the Matrix? Some examples of when this happens are during OotP when Harry screams, ““Where is the way out”” and the door flies open. Harry does it again in the same book when he’’s practicing Occlumency lessons. He hits Snape with a stinging hex while not saying anything. I can’’t remember which book this happens in but Harry says Lumos when his wand is on the ground and it lights up. Therefore I believe Harry will be able to defend against Unforgivable Curses and many other types of spells. Anyway I have to study for Bio. Peace and Love