The Importance of Fawkes, Moody, Tonks, and Fred and George

by Hannah Grenham

Five of the most important characters are often ignored, though I think they hold great significance to the rest of the septology. One is a bird, another a metamorphmagus, another a rather deluded ex-Auror, and the others a pair of school mischief-makers rivalled only by the famous duo, Potter and Black.


Dumbledore’s most trusted friend. He lives in Dumbledore’s office (therefore hearing everything that goes on there). HE DOES NOT DIE. He can heal wounds (even poisonous ones). He can give people warnings. His feathers are CRITICAL to the story, and the Order fighting against Voldemort is named after him (I presume). If this does not make him an important character, then I shall go and live on a secluded island with no company bar my deranged friend from the local psychiatric hospital and a monkey who thinks it can solve great theories to rival Einstein. 🙂 Anyway…

I think it is plainly, blatantly obvious that Fawkes will play a very big part in either Book 6 or 7. He will almost certainly be involved in the ‘final battle’, and, having already withstood the Avada Kedavra curse (which I, for one, thought he would not; thankfully I was wrong), the one curse which kills everybody (well, except Harry. Obviously.), then Fawkes must be able to withstand anything. But can he? Like Dumbledore tells Tom, there are things worse than death. Could one of these kill Fawkes? How do you kill a phoenix? If Dumbledore dies (noooooooo), then to whom will Fawkes go? I, for one, think Harry. He has saved Harry’s life already (and healed his injured leg), and I think it would be nice for him to become Harry’s trusted friend. Although, I know, JKR does not do things because they are “nice.” Will he perhaps save Harry’s life; in the same way he saved Dumbledore’s? How many Avada Kedavra curses could he withstand? All these are questions to think about when pondering our favourite feathered friend.


Okay, this is not technically all about Moody, but something that was his doing, so I am putting it here anyways. The photograph of the original Order of the Phoenix. He showed Harry all those faces of people who had died, so soon after being so happy. The first reason for doing this is obvious: Harry (and the reader) connects it with the party that is going on at that moment (for Ron and Hermione’s prefect-ship), and they see all the smiling faces, and suddenly (and very sharply) realise that all their smiling friends around them could soon be dead. And not nice deaths – deaths like Benjy Fenwick’s.

However, I think there is an underlying reason for us being shown this photograph. Already, one of the Order is dead – Sirius (RIP). I think the photograph was included to make us think about who else is going to die. I think the photograph holds much greater significance. Remember the photograph – it will mean something; there wasn’t really much point showing it to us just for shock factor. Will we find out more information about some of these people? Will their lives and stories be a parallel to the modern day Order? Perhaps there is significance in the appearance in the photo of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs (and Lily)? I am certain we will find out.

But Moody himself is also an important character. He stands out, even in the wizarding world, yet can disguise himself in Muggle environments. This will be important in future books, I feel, and his eye, too, will be crucial. I have a gut feeling he may not come out of the septology alive, but if he does die, we can at least be sure he will go down fighting. The others may laugh at his cautious attitude at the moment, but I also feel sure they will thank him for it in the end.


How cool would it be to be a Metamorphmagus?! Personally, I’d love it. And although in OotP, it seems just as an interesting fact and useful for mealtime entertainment and disguising herself when not wanting to be recognised (such as escorting Harry and co. to Hogwarts from the HQ of the OotP itself). However (and this has been mentioned by practically EVERYBODY, I know), this undoubtedly will be a crucial factor in books to come. JKR does not just ‘throw in interesting facts’ – her books are long enough without doing this!!! Being a Metamorphmagus will come in so useful in the ‘final battle’ or, if (heaven forbid!) Tonks should not get there, as is speculated by many, in her final battle. I cannot say exactly what role it will play, but undoubtedly it will be important.

I also think something JKR wrote when Tonks had ‘long, tomato red hair’. She said she looked like Ginny’s older sister. Perhaps this will come into play later on. Perhaps someone intends to kill Ginny, but kills Tonks, or she disguises herself as one of the Weasleys. Whatever it is, I think it could be important.

Personally, I do not think Tonks will survive to see the end of Book 7. She is a character that many readers (mainly teenage) will like and/or associate with, and JKR’s books will therefore have a more powerful impact if she goes. I think she may die in Book 6, and perhaps we may see her mother, Andromeda, in Book 7. Andromeda is mentioned several times, and she just seems like the kind of character who will pop up later on. Perhaps she will turn up to visit her daughter (or bury her). Maybe (although this is unlikely), she will inherit No. 12, Grimmauld Place, if Sirius perhaps thought Harry would not want or could not handle it. In any case, I do not think we have heard the last of Andromeda.

Fred and George

I do not think there is one person who has read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix who can honestly say they did not cheer (whether inwardly or outwardly) when Fred and George made their bid for freedom – making a fool of Umbridge at the same time. Have we seen the last of the troublesome two? I think not. They have their new business in Diagon Alley – probably one of the central points of wizarding Britain. They will undoubtedly hear gossip from all different types of people – and don’t forget, now they are old enough to join the Order. Their Extendable Ears, in Book 5 used just to find bits of information from the Order, could now be put to much greater use – finding bits of information FOR the Order. Perhaps they may turn their attentions into developing new gadgets for eavesdropping and spying. Throughout the book, their intelligence is commented on – Harry says he does not see how they only got 3 OWLs each, and even Hermione cannot figure out their charm work.

Also, we are told many, many times in the books how they know the secret passages of Hogwarts inside out. Now, according to Prof. Trelawney’s second prophecy, Lord V will be “greater and more terrible than ever before.” The only thing he never dared to do the first time was take on Hogwarts. Therefore, I think the great ‘final battle’ will take place there, inside the castle itself. Fred and George’s knowledge of the secret passageways will be indispensable at this battle; therefore, I think they will at least survive until Book 7. Personally, I hope they do not die at all, but we can (hopefully!) be certain of one thing – they will either both die, or both survive. If you remember Mrs Weasley’s boggart, it did not pose separately as the twins – if you read it, it says ‘Crack. Dead twins.’ It does not say ‘Crack. Dead Fred. Crack. Dead George’. They will either go down together, or triumph together, you get them as a package, as it were. Their mother does not disapprove of their new career either – why? Is she just pleased they have defied the Ministry, or has she perhaps ‘had a word’ with them, and talked them into developing new gadgets? Then again, maybe she is just pleased they are not joining the Ministry, or maybe she is just happy they are bringing in lots of money. We will probably find out. Anyway, this pair may be gone but, trust me on this one, they are definitely not forgotten. They will be back – and what will happen to them when they return?