Neville, Gilderoy, & Dumbledore

by Amy

These are three different theories that I have come up with from reading other theories on these three characters and their relationships to the plotlines.


It seems obvious that JKR has continued to emphasize Neville Longbottom more and more as the books progress. He starts out as being the definite underdog of the entire school in SS, yet he continues to gain more confidence and power throughout the books, culminating in OotP as a star student in the DA. Then we discover that he could have possibly been in Harry’s place if Voldy would have marked him instead of Harry. Neville is definitely a key character to the last two books.

In the first book, Neville spoke about how his family was so worried about whether or not he had any magic that his uncle threw him out a window. Somehow, I don’t think that this is a normal test in wizarding families to check if their children are magical. If it is, then I doubt there would be any squibs. But it may be normal in pure blood families that are intent on keeping their pure blood reputation. Either that, or I believe that his uncle may be a Death Eater…his entire family may be DEs (except of course his parents and most likely his grandmother).

In reference to his grandmother, I believe that she is either a Death Eater or a member of the Order of the Phoenix, watching and monitoring Neville for either Voldy or Dumbledore respectively. I think, of course, that the latter is more likely just as Dumbledore sent Harry to live with family because of the protection that comes with it.

I have also heard many theories saying that ST. Mungo’s is actually connected with Voldy because it is Lucius Malfoy’s favorite charity. I don’t know if this is true at all, but if it is, are the Longbottoms kept from regaining sanity by those who work at St. Mungo’s? If so, who would have been responsible for placing them there? Neville’s uncle?


I believe that we will definitely see more of him in the last two books, but I doubt that he will be the simple, conceited character that we knew in most of CoS or even when we saw him at St. Mungo’s in OotP. I bet that he will be working for Voldy, if he wasn’t already when we first met him.

All of the other DADA teachers (other than Lupin) have been working for the opposing force, and have all had special interests in Harry. Gilderoy showed obvious interest in Harry, but was it simply his attraction to Harry’s fame and supposed power or was there more behind it? It is more likely that Gilderoy was simply attention hungry at that point, but he is a strong candidate for a future Voldy supporter.

Gilderoy wants power and fame, and siding with Voldy may seem to offer these very things; afterall, Voldy offered power to Harry in SS. Also, I think that it is very likely that Voldy would want Gilderoy on his side because Gilderoy already has much influence over the wizarding world, especially with those of the female gender. Voldy also enjoys the use of memory charms (remember Bertha Jorkins?) so he would have great use for Gilderoy in that aspect as well.

If St. Mungo’s is truly controlled by Voldy or his supporters, then it is likely that at the moment of Lockhart’s memory restoration, Voldy will attempt to recruit Lockhart as another of his supporters…


What exactly can Dumbledore do? How is he so powerful? We know so little about Dumbledore except for the fact that his knowledge, wisdom, and power seem to have no limitations. I think that two important past articles of information that JKR gives us hint at aspects that are extremely key to the plot of the books: The fact that he used to be the Transfiguration professor, as we discovered in CoS, might mean that he also is an animagus, just like McGonagall. So if this is true, what might he transform into? Maybe the abilities of whatever animal he transforms into allow him to remain unnoticed while gathering much information. His name does mean bumblebee… How many times have bumblebees been noticed flying around?

I think that it is also very important that Dumbledore offered to be the Potters’ secret keeper. The Longbottoms most likely went into hiding just like the Potters. They might have accepted Dumbledore as their secret keeper. This would be the reason that Neville was not marked as the “One.” Dumbledore never divulged their location, while Pettigrew easily told Voldy where the Potters were hiding. Why would the Potters turn down Dumbledore as their secret keeper? Maybe they didn’t want one person to be the secret keeper for both families because they saw that as too risky. Who knows. This may also lead to why and how the Longbottoms were tortured as they were. Perhaps when they heard of Voldy’s downfall they came out of hiding only to be found and tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange.

But I obviously think that much more will be revealed about Dumbledore that will have a huge impact on the plot of the series.