Ginny Weasley-Friend or Foe?

by Taylor

Shocking, huh? Betcha nobody suspects Ginny could be evil. Why would they? She’s one of the “good guys,” she’s in Gryffindor House, and she seems totally opposed to Voldemort, right? Well, so was Pettigrew.

If Harry is James, Ron is Sirius, and Hermione is Lupin, then who’s Pettigrew? Neville? Seamus? Then it hit me: the one person no one ever suspected, Ginny Weasley. We learned in Book 5 that she can do some pretty nice hexes. According to Hermione, she’s no stranger to breaking in unnoticed and using what she needs when she wants to. Ginny’s been possessed by Voldemort before; he knows her secrets and could use her as a spy.

How do we know she isn’t working for Voldemort already? We have no clue what happened to her, Luna, and Ron in the Department of Mysteries. The only ones who know are some Death Eaters, Ginny, a very confused Ron, and Luna, who’s just, well, Luna. I find it hard to believe that Ginny, the smallest one in their group, escaped with just a broken ankle, while the others got really messed up. Anyone else think that’s a little fishy?

For those of you who still think that I’m wrong and probably crazy, and that there’s no way Ginny could possibly be evil, remember that everybody thought the same about Pettigrew. He was the last person on Earth you would have suspected to be a spy for Voldemort.

Let’s compare Pettigrew and Ginny. Pettigrew was the smallest one in the group, and so is Ginny. Pettigrew practically hero-worshipped James, and Ginny had a crush on Harry. Pettigrew had information on James’ whereabouts, and Ginny has access to Grimmauld Place. Pettigrew was one of James’ friends, Ginny’s one of Harry’s friends. They are the ones no one believes could turn over to the dark side. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself.