Terry Gilliam HAS to Direct OotP

by Robbie Fischer

Have you ever seen his movie, The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen? It’s not perfect, by any means. But it is a GREAT movie. It is full of quirky charm, bizarre imagery, and the magic of storytelling. Gilliam is also the director responsible for such AMAZING films as 12 MonkeysBrazilThe Fisher King, Time Bandits, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He can handle children as well as very adult material, outrageous comedy as well as nightmare visions of a world gone mad. He has created fairy-tale magic and gritty surrealism. He can handle mind-twisting fantasy and plots more convoluted than a Basilisk skin.

I know exactly why Terry Gilliam is the director J.K. Rowling wanted for Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone. I am astonished at the power of his filmmaking vision, and I think that given a Harry Potter-sized special effects budget and all the talent involved in the series so far, he would make an AWESOME movie out of Order of the Phoenix.

I can picture it in my mind. It would be perfect with Gilliam at the helm. So much of the imagery in the book is dark, scary, and very very weird. I can imagine how certain scenes would look already. Harry’s hearing before the Wizengamot, with the shadowy faces glaring down on him from lofty benches while Harry stands small and alone at their feet. The bustling Ministry of Magic, painted on a complex canvas with wry humor and bizarre details. 12 Grimmauld Place, grimy and imposing, with claustrophobic staircases and threatening accoutrements. The agonizing detentions with Dolores, the hysteria of Trelawney, the duel between Hagrid and the aurors, Grawp and the centaurs and the duel in the Department of Mysteries, all these things would look so exciting, so unusual, so mysteriously and menacingly and humorously REAL that it would make us all look differently at the world of Harry Potter.

Warner Bros., listen up! It’s long past time to listen to the author who has provided so much lucrative grist for your mill! She had something truly fascinating in mind when she put forth Terry Gilliam’s name. Give him Potter 5, stand back, and watch something RARE happen!