Voldemort’s Army

by asna ali

A few days ago, I read a theory about the type of creatures which Voldemort might use to help him. Frankly speaking, the evidence for the theory about heliopaths is a bit thin. But that theory directed my attention to some other creatures. I’d like to discuss them here, and I’d love to hear more theories about this because I do believe, like Sarah, that this is definitely important.

So far in the Harry Potter books we have seen many strange creatures, some fearsome and dangerous or ‘dark’ like dementors and basilisks. Others, like the phoenix, are associated with the good side.

Here we must also remember that Voldemort is a parseltongue and the snake is generally associated with evil. Voldemort used snake venom to reconstruct his body, as he mentioned in GoF. He also used his pet snake to spy on the ministry in OotP. So which creature is he most likely to use? Yes, you guessed it: snakes. They are generally feared and are Voldemort’s favorites.

In GoF, Voldemort also mentioned the dementors. In OotP, we find that the ministry is losing control over them, which means they have joined Voldemort.

Dumbledore rightly feared that Voldemort might also use the giants. Later we find out through Hagrid that he did indeed send envoys to them. We do not know about the envoy’s success, but there is a fair chance that they did manage to convince at least some giants. I also think, though, that the ones Hagrid talked to might rebel against their leader and join the good side.

There might be some truth to the strange creatures that Luna mentioned in OotP, but as we don’t know for sure I think its best to stick to what we do know.

J.K. Rowling mentioned in a recent interview that the muggles notice more and more odd happenings as war in the wizarding world proceeds. I think it might have something to do with the strange horrors like dementors floating about.