Response to Hagrid and the Fidelius Charm

by Nicole Fierro

NOTE: This may seem similar to an editorial you just published about Hagrid being Hogwarts’ Secret Keeper. I don’t believe this can be the case.

This is some information I thought of on why a Fidelius Charm could not be on Hogwarts. The merpeople won’t let Myrtle, a sweet innocent girl as far as we know, from entering their village. So, why would they let Voldemort, a crazed and feared psycho, past their village? They may be guarding the lake for Dumbledore, letting no one in or out. They might have some way of communicating with Dumbledore quickly to let them know he is in the lake. We know Dumbledore can understand them as he speaks their language so communication troubles wouldn’t be a problem.

Sirius was able to break into Hogwarts in Year 3. He had been there as a student several years before, but still if he was a mass murderer I’m sure they would have done something so he couldn’t see the castle. Tom Riddle was there, so he would be able to see the castle also. As in the case with Sirius, if there were a Fidelius charm on Hogwarts, Voldemort couldn’t have been on the grounds in the first book, and certainly couldn’t return via the lake later.

So, unless the Fidelius Charm must be renewed every year, Voldemort wouldn’t be able to see the castle because he hadn’t received anything from Hagrid, Sirius wouldn’t be able to break into Hogwarts unless he had received something from Hagrid, and so on.

I don’t know if my thoughts are anything close to the truth, but it was just my attempt to prove that there is no Fidelius Charm on Hogwarts.