The Burrow: Dean Thomas: The True Story?

by Katie MM

I’ve been doing some research, and took the time to put two and two together. I have two things to talk about. First, JKR has already said that information that was originally to be in book 2 will be concentrated on in HBP. Believe me, I’ve wondered what she could possibly have in store for us until I took the time to think about some of the information I read on JK’s website.

One of the stories I was most interested in was the history of Dean’s father. I was shocked when I found out he was killed by death eaters for not joining their ranks, but neither Dean nor his mother know this, so maybe they didn’t even know Dean was a wizard until he got his letter, as I remembered that in Ootp, Dean states his mother is a muggle, therefore making him a half-blood.

Now, by combining these two seemingly unrelated bits of information, I came to a possible-conclusion. Could Dean Thomas be the Half-Blood Prince we’re all wondering about???? Could-be. We know that JK was originally thinking about using this title as the title to CoS, but changed it when she decided to remove a bunch of information to save for book 6. Now, I’m sure a bunch of you will be thinking I’m an idiot at this point, asking, “Didn’t JK say that she didn’t think Dean’s story would even make it into the series?” or “Why would she give that away if it was going to be in a book?” As we all know, JK is famous for trying to throw people off the scent of the truth about what’s to come next in the series. We can only wait until the real facts come out in the next chapter of the series we know and love, to know for sure.