The Burrow: Harry Potter and (Snape) the Half-Blood Prince

by Jasmine

I was thinking about the title for the sixth book and I really have my heart set that the half blood prince is Snape.

I mean JK has never said that he is a pure-blood. Also, there was no Snape on the tree in Sirius’s house, can you imagine Harry seeing that and ignoring it? I know he was a death eater, but he might have hated whichever parent was a muggle, by the memory we saw in OOTP it seemed that his dad wasn’t too nice, and that would explain why Snape was never on the tree. I am also thinking that Dumbledore would know this and that is why he brought him into Hogwarts. That way Snape would be under his supervision.

There is so much mystery behind Severus Snape. I mean his name is straight-forward in the sense of being severe and he is quite severe, and all this other discussion about him being a Roman emperor could support the idea of him being royalty (see name origins page). Other than that what do we know about him? Nothing really, the memory she gave us wasn’t to show us what Snape was like, it was there to show us what James and Sirius were like.

JK has told us that Snape’s future in the series is important and the sixth book would be a great time to show us. The fact that he is a half-blood and was in Slytherin might have caused from him some ridicule from his pure-blooded house mates. This could show why he grew up to be the way he is.

Also, Dumbledore putting Snape as head of Slytherin house could help to improve the relationship many Slytherins have with half-bloods or muggle born wizards.

Well if you think about it, JK said the half blood prince wasn’t Harry or Voldemort, and it would be suitable for a fellow classmate to take that position, but I just can’t think of anyone who would work for this. I mean a character that we know about, but isn’t already said to be pure-blood or muggle born. Yes I know it was stated from the start that Seamus is half-blood and it would be suitable for him to be it only because he is half-blood, but I just don’t have any confidence in that theory. To me there is no student suitable to be the half blood prince.

This is my theory and I am anticipating the day we get the sixth book so we can finally figure out who it is, and start waiting for the seventh book. I personally believe that the sixth book will be all about Snape being the half-blood prince.