The Burrow: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Who the Heck is That?

by Morgan Sutherland

This editorial is about Harry Potter and who the Half Blood Prince could be, as Jo’s already told us that it isn’t Harry or Voldemort.

I have compiled a list of males (Prince, not Princess) in the Harry Potter universe who one would consider a possibility, and some who you would not:

Stewart Ackerly- Ravenclaw- Unlikely
Malcolm Baddock- Slytherin- Unlikely
Ludo Bagman- Most likely Hufflepuff- NO
Terry Boot- Ravenclaw- Possibly but I doubt it
Vincent Crabbe- Slytherin- Pureblood X
Colin Creevey- Gryffindor- Muggleborn X
Dennis Creevey- Gryffindor- Muggleborn X
Roger Davies- Ravenclaw- Unlikely
Albus Dumbledore- Gryffindor- Possibly
Dudley Dursley- Muggle- Immensely Doubt it
Seamus Finnigan- Gryffindor- Halfblood- Possibly
Gregory Goyle- Slytherin- Pureblood X
Rubeus Hagrid- Gryffindor- Halfblood- Possibly but I doubt it
Terence Higgs- Slytherin- Unlikely
Lee Jordan- Gryffindor- Unlikely
Igor Karkaroff- Not Hogwarts: Durmstrang- Don’t think so X
Viktor Krum- Not Hogwarts: Durmstrang- Possibly but I doubt it
Gilderoy Lockhart- Most likely Hufflepuff or Slytherin *shudder*- No memory X
Neville Longbottom- Gryffindor- Pureblood X
Remus Lupin- Gryffindor- Halfblood- Could be interesting but I doubt it
Ernie Macmillan- Hufflepuff- Possibly
Draco Malfoy- Slytherin- Pureblood X
Lucius Malfoy- Slytherin- Purebloood X
Alastor “Mad-eye” Moody- Unknown- Unlikely
Adrian Pucey- Slytherin- Unlikely
Dean Thomas- Gryffindor- Possibly
Ron Weasley- Gryffindor- Pureblood X
Oliver Wood- Gyrffindor- No, he’s too involved with Quidditch
Blaise Zabini- Slytherin- Could be interesting but I doubt it.

Revised list:
Terry Boot
Albus Dumbledore
Seamus Finnigan
Rubeus Hagrid
Terence Higgs
Viktor Krum
Remus Lupin
Ernie Macmillan
Dean Thomas

Other than the identity of this HBP, I would like to know if they go for the Voldemort’s side or Harry’s side, or if they have their own side. If they were a Slytherin (like Terence Higgs), they would either be making their own side or be joining Voldemort’s, as Dumbledore wouldn’t be one offering immense power and glory, which is what Slytherin prizes, generally. We haven’t heard anything about Terence, except that he was replaced by Draco Malfoy as Slytherin’s Seeker, so he is crossed off the list.

A Ravenclaw (like Terry Boot) on the other hand, would be the most swayable. Voldemort’s side could sway them for the same reasons as it could a Slytherin, and they are smart enough to see the benefits in Dumbledore’s side. They could also easily form their own side using their logic to form good strategies. However, I believe that a Ravenclaw would be a perfect candidate for the Switzerland of the Wizarding World, in that they would see the effect that the War has, and not take any part in it.

Hufflepuffs (like Ernie Macmillan) would most likely be on Voldemort’s side or Dumbledore’s. Known as the hard workers, though slightly thick, they could be easily swayed or pushed to either side. I don’t think Hagrid is the HBP, as he doesn’t wield much magical power, and he’s too much of a pushover.

Finally, Gryffindor (people like Albus Dumbledore, Seamus Finnigan, Remus Lupin and Dean Thomas). Gryffindors are a lot like Slytherin, though they wouldn’t want to admit it, they both possess a certain bravery. The biggest difference between the two houses is that Slytherins are their biggest supporters, and if they had a choice to save either themselves or someone else, they would save themselves. Gryffindors, like Slytherins, would be an asset to both sides, maybe even more so because of their ability to throw themselves in a cause that they believe in and not mind the consequences.

Re-revised list:
Seamus Finnigan
Dean Thomas

Discarded people:
Terry Boot- Ravenclaw- Too much of a background person, no information about him has been given
Albus Dumbledore- Gryffindor- I firmly believe he is more of a guidance counselor in the series, not a central part of the war like Voldemort or Harry
Rubeus Hagrid- See his reason
Terence Higgs- See his reason
Viktor Krum- If he was a central part of book six, he would have appeared in book five, not just book four
Remus Lupin- He isn’t really a decision person, he leaves that to Dumbledore.
Ernie Macmillan- Just, he’s not a big person in the series

I will now tell you why I don’t think Dean Thomas is the HBP. According to JK’s website, Dean was going to have a big part in Chamber of Secrets. He was going to go through a trip of self-discovery and find out that he isn’t a Muggle-born, he is a half blood. Alas, this was cut from the book, therefore unimportant information, which means he doesn’t have a major part in the series. Poor Dean. Jake also said that this information about Dean probably wasn’t going to appear in the series, therefore he isn’t the half blood prince.

I think Seamus has a chance of being the prince. He is a half-blood for one. This is not only mentioned in Philosopher’s Stone, but also in the movie, where a lot of scenes where cut out, this wasn’t. Therefore, I think that it would be somewhat valuable information. Seamus is an odd character, he could easily swing good or evil, this should be watched carefully I believe.

Anyway, the most likely candidate, I think, is Seamus Finnigan, though I’m open to suggestion.