The Burrow: Who is the Half-Blood Prince?

by Sonja

I, like most avid Harry Potter fans, was quite excited to learn the title of book six is going to be “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.” But then, I started thinking, who is the “Half Blood Prince.” J.K. Rowling already stated on her site that the title is not referring to either Harry or Voldemort. So who could this half-blood be?

We know that Harry and Voldemort are two of the most powerful wizards ever, and neither or them are pure blood. This got me thinking that maybe the combination of a pure blood wizard and a Muggle born creates a powerful combination, potentially more powerful than a pure blood wizard. In OotP, Dumbledore tells Harry that Voldemort goes after him first, instead of Neville the pure blood, because Voldemort thought the half blood posed more of a threat to him. Maybe this is why Voldemort was trying to create only pure blood wizards; he didn’t want someone potentially more powerful to come along. This could also be why Arthur has such a love for all things Muggle-related. Could it be that something in mMuggle blood is more powerful than magic? Something that has allowed our breed to continue after all these years without magic? It may be.

So who could this powerful, half blood prince be? I think it is none other than Godric Gryffindor. We don’t know much about him, other than he valued bravery and was at one time very good friends with Salazar Slytherin. We know they had a fight over whether or not magic should be taught only to those whose magical background was pure. Is it possible that Godric’s mother had an affair with a Muggle that was kept a secret for along time, only to be discovered by Slytherin? It could be possible that’s what caused the falling out.

There is a lot of speculation that Harry is the true heir of Gryffindor. If that is true that would mean that James was also an heir, but not the “true heir.” Is it possible that for there to be the “true heir of Gryffindor” that Harry had to be a half blood just like Godric? Only time, and of course Miss Rowling, will tell.