The Burrow: HBP’s Meaning

by P-A Giguere

We recently heard that the name for book 6 will be Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I hope this is not news to a MuggleNet visitor…

Anyway, this editorial is not about speculations about who is the “new” prince but what kind of prince we will be presented in JKR’s next installment.

Let’s begin by the simplest answer, the one I though about first and the one that surely came up to your mind when you heard the title. You possibly thought that the Prince is half-muggle, half-wizard. This could be the right way to think about it because all along the books, we hear about mudbloods and half-bloods, and seriously, it would be the cleverest answer. The Purity of the blood is one aspect that seems to be important in the story, if not, why would she make all this big fuss about mudbloods… But JKR seems to like to make us think in a direction and then BHAM! Everything we thought was real is actually not (This happened to me when I read POA and GOF, shameful…).

Now the other possible theory… The Prince could be from a half royal family, not a half wizard family. This is one aspect that is hard to support because we never heard of any Royalties in HP so we don’t know if every Prince must be from a 100% royal family. This could open the doors to A LOT more people to whom could be the Prince. If he can be “pureblood” then it could possibly be anyone in the books.

I’m really eager to learn more about the Royal families of HP because this could open even more room for speculations. I only find it bizarre that JK didn’t talk about any of them before. Maybe their revelation will be as surprising to us as to the wizard world?

Since I don’t have any proofs from what I imply, please just think about it and maybe that in the near future, we will learn more about the Kings and Queens of HP.