The Burrow: Why Hagrid is the Half-Blood Prince

by Emma

Skip the intro; have you even considered Hagrid as a suspect yet? Everyone’s trying to figure out which Hogwarts students are half bloods, but who said it was a student?

We all know that JKR said there was loads of stuff she was going to put in the second book that she decided would fit better in the sixth book. So who were some important people in book six, besides the trio (who are always important)?

· Tom- manipulated Ginny to open the CoS, tried to convince Harry that Hagrid had done it 50 years ago; well yeah, but going with the theory that Tom and Voldemort are the same people, JKR has told us that the HBP is NOT Voldemort or Harry.
· Ginny- was manipulated into opening the CoS etc.; she’s out. Not only is she a pureblood (cause that’s what the Weasleys are) she’s not a guy!
· Hagrid- oh, is the CoS open? Hagrid, did you need to do it again?! First suspect for opening the CoS, ‘follow the spiders’ etc.; he’s half wizard, half giant.

Other half bloods that we know of or suspect:

· Seamus Finnigan- Gryffindor, in Harry’s year and dorm room; he confirmed his bloodline in the first movie/book “Me dad’s a muggle, mum’s a witch, bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out”.
· Dudley- when did we start thinking it was him? When we started wondering if Petunia was a squib. Here’s why she isn’t a squib and Dudders isn’t a half blood. Why would mom and dad Evans be proud of having a witch in the family if they were wizards themselves, wouldn’t they be expecting at least one of their kids to be magical? They would probably be disappointed that Petunia was a squib, but no one ever mentions that.

I mean, yeah it’s possible Seamus could be the HBP, but let’s look at more reasons why it’s Hagrid:

· He’s building his importance with his special quest at the end of book four.
· He returns from his task to seek out the giants and ask them for their alliance for the Second War in the fifth book (the result of this is kind of important).
· Read the above about Hagrid in the second book/movie.