The Burrow: Here, Little Half-Blood Prince…

by Epiphanies

Okay, kids! We’ve all be dying to know, and there has been speculation over speculation over speculation over this topic: Who is the Half Blood Prince J.K.’s referring to in her sixth book title? In order to deduce such a thing, we’d need to make a list (crossing out all Muggleborns, Purebloods and regular Muggles.)

Alright. My short list (not going through all of the randomness of crossing out silly names that have only been mentioned once – with the exception of one:)

1. Rubeus Hagrid
2. Tom Riddle
3. Colin Creevey
4. Gregory Goyle
5. Remus Lupin
* It could also be Dean Thomas, but I don’t like that idea and therefore am not exploring it!

Now with the explanations! Join me on this jaunty stroll, won’t you….

He’s a half-blood, available in CoS. JK said that there was a load of hints in CoS, because it was originally called HBP. Dumbledore also really trusts him (not that it counts for much, Dumbledore seems to be going a wee bit senile in these last bits, all due respect for the brill old guy.)

JK was going to call CoS book HBP, but didn’t. If she had, then it would have had obvious reference to Tom, wouldn’t it? (Unless the actual phrase wasn’t noted at all in the book and it was really pointing to Colin, but nobody knew either way!)

Colin thinks he’s Muggle-born (“My dad’s a milkman,”) but m’dears, his brother also goes to Hogwarts. How often are two Wizards born into one Muggle family? He also shows up in CoS, and wouldn’t it be ironic if he were the Prince when he was the one fawning over Harry all the time? Also, Colin was the first done in by the basilisk. Didn’t Voldemort choose Harry over Neville to ‘kill’ because he recognized himself in Harry, being a Half-blood? Wouldn’t that work the same way if Colin were also a Half-blood, being wounded first out of every student in the school?

This is a bit weird, but I figured, ‘Why not?’ Most likely not, actually, because his parents are Death-Eaters, but there are a few things. My initial interest was when I was trying to open the brick wall on and I was thinking of names that had five letters that could break the code. GOYLE didn’t break it, but it still stuck out because (perhaps this is coincidence but) when Harry took the Polyjuice in CoS, he turned into Goyle.

He’s a stated half blood. However, he didn’t appear in CoS, so it makes me wonder.

Who is undoubtably, in my mind, the Half Blood Prince?

Colin Creevey, all the way.