The Burrow: Who is the Half-Blood Prince?

by Alex

The question that is flying (excuse me, BOMBING) around the internet is “who is the Half Blood Prince?” I have a theory (just a theory) that is based on pure speculation and facts taken from various sources. J.K. Rowling has said on her official site that the HBP (Half Blood Prince) is neither Harry nor Voldemort.

I’ve heard many names from the series of male characters who are half-bloods (or not); Hagrid, Seamus Finnigan, Remus Lupin, Dean Thomas, Snape (Come on people!),… etc. So who is the HPB? In my opinion (this is just speculation), it is Dean Thomas.

Now hear me out, J.K. Rowling said on her official site in her “extra” section, that Dean Thomas’s full history was cut from an early draft of the Chamber of Secrets. JKR said that Dean Thompson was in fact a half-blood, his father was really a wizard, not a Muggle, as Dean thought! Dean’s father was killed by a group of Death Eaters because he wouldn’t join them. But why did they want HIM to join them? Was Dean’s father that important of a wizard to be killed? Did the Death Eaters want to get at Dean?! Dean’s father left Dean and his mother because he wanted to protect them, but from what? JKR said that important information from COS was CUT OUT because its rightful home was in book 6. So why would J.K. Rowling have so much background info on a character that we never really thought to be that important?! Was this important info from COS now in HBP; Dean’s background because he was the HBP? My theory is that I believe that Dean was in fact the HBP and that the Death Eaters wanted him for some reason. That’s why his father left to protect them, so the death eaters couldn’t find Dean. It’s far-fetched, but it’s the most logical reason that I could think of that would explain the mystery that who is the Half Blood Prince. Now JKR also said that she THINKS that Dean’s “voyage of discovery” will never make it into the books but she could also just be saying this to throw us all off! Of course, there could also be a new a character that could be the HBP, you never know with all of the twists and turns that the Harry Potter series take.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it. This theory is pure speculation and only time will tell the truth when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is published!