A Big Reflection

by Alysun S. 

What is a spell? It’s a magic light. What happens when light bounces off a mirror? It goes back to where it came from. In all five Harry Potter books we’ve seen four mirrors (forgive me if I’m wrong), and three out of the four have been important.

The first mirror was the Mirror of Erised. Harry saw this mirror in his first year, while sneaking around Hogwarts. He saw it, but of course didn’t realize how important it would be, and it clicked after he found the Sorcerer’s Stone in his pocket. The Mirror of Erised was the key to everything in Book One.

The second mirror was the one Hermione had on the nightstand next to her after she was petrified. Harry didn’t know why she had it right before she was petrified, until he discovered the wrinkled up paper in her hand explaining what the monster in the Chamber of Secrets was. He then had the knowledge he needed to go down to the Chamber and save Ginny Weasley.

The third mirror we see is during Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts, inside the imposter Moody’s office. It’s the mirror where you don’t see your reflection, but you see black hooded people walking around, although you don’t have to worry until you see the whites n their eyes. It wasn’t until Moody/Crouch, Jr. trapped Harry inside his office, that Harry realized its importance. That, of course, was when he saw white in the eyes of three figures, and soon found out that they were Dumbledore’s, McGonagall’s, and Snape’s eyes, coming to save him. We do see this mirror again in his fifth year, but it’s not of any importance here.

The final mirror comes in around the middle of Book Five. I am speaking, of course, of the two-way mirror which Sirius gives Harry at the end of Christmas break. Sirius told Harry that if he ever needed to speak to him, use it. Harry didn’t want Sirius to get got so he put it away, and when it came time to use it, he’d forgotten about it. Although Harry shattered it at the end of the term, we still haven’t seen the last of it, according to JKR. She said, in the FAQ section of her official website, that the mirror will come in handy in later books.

Something many HP fans are analyzing is the Prophecy, especially the part that states, “One must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives.” Most don’t know what to think, because if Harry murders Voldemort, he’ll be a murderer, but if Voldemort murders Harry, he’ll be a victim.

Again, what is a spell? It’s a magic light. What happens when light bounces off a mirror? It goes back to where it came from. So what would happen if Harry somehow fixed the mirror, and uses it to reflect an Avada Kedavra curse cast by Voldemort? The curse will bounce back and hit Voldemort, therefore killing him. So Harry won’t kill or be killed, Voldemort will basically kill himself.

That’s my theory. We know they can’t duel with each other, because of the cores of their wands, so Harry will have to use something else to kill Voldemort with. Hmm… I wonder what?