Voldemort’s Core

by Jo M. 

“Why does Voldemort/Tom Riddle have a Phoenix Feather from Fawkes in his wand?”

This is a question I have thought about for some time now, and I’ve finally decided to write about it.

What I mean by this question is why did Voldemort/Tom Riddle (V/TR) get a wand that had a core of something that was so good, so full of love, so representative of everything that Voldemort is not? Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them describes the Phoenix as:

“A gentle creature that has never been known to kill…” opposite to Voldemort, and it’s song is described as:

“reputed to increase the courage of the pure heart and to strike fear into the hearts of the impure.”

In CoS and GoF Harry is full of Love and Hope by the song (in GoF it may not be Phoenix song, but to Harry, it sounds like it is, so I suppose it is safe to assume that it is, or at least that it is some form of Phoenix song), but Voldemort is scared or worried by the song.

I found this information also about the Phoenix on the internet:

“The phoenix is a mythological figure who appears in many different cultures, each with a special meaning. In Greek mythology, the phoenix is associated with immortality and spiritual rebirth. Chinese mythology equates the phoenix with grace and high virtue. The phoenix also represented power and prosperity. In addition, clenched in the phoenix’s bill are either two scrolls or a square box with long bands, containing the sacred books. To the Native Americans the phoenix is a powerful spirit, lightning flashes from its beak and thunder from the beating of its wings. In Arabic cultures, the phoenix is associated with strength, purity, and life.”

From this excerpt, we can see that there is still a lot relating to purity and goodness, grace and high virtue of the Phoenix, but there is also the presence of immortality and spiritual rebirth – hmmm…isn’t Voldemort reborn in Book Four? Perhaps not spiritually, but he is reborn nevertheless.

Also present is the characteristic of power. This is most certainly present in V/TR, and also in Harry. To quote Mr. Ollivander, (PS/SS):

“‘I think we must expect great things from you, Mr. Potter … After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things (great, powerful?) – terrible, yes, but great.'”

I highly recommend that you all read The North Tower article Wonderings About Wands. It is highly enjoyable and somewhat relevant to this editorial. Why? Because it gives some insight into why certain wizards get some cores, and why others get other cores. In the editorial Maline says that Phoenix feathers are good for charms and DADA, and those wizards who get these wand cores are good at jinxes, curses, charms, and the like (for more insight, read her article). For these reasons, and also the power aspect, I am not surprised that Voldemort got a Phoenix feather as his wand core…but…going back to my first question, “Why does V/TR have a Phoenix Feather from Fawkes in his wand?”, my emphasis is not on the Phoenix Feather, but onFawkes. ). Fawkes, besides representing power, rebirth, immortality, would especially exceed in representing and being all the good traits as well (purity, goodness, gentleness, love). Why else would he be Dumbledore’s pet?

My opinion is that the core, besides giving an insight into what area of spell work the wizard will exceed in, also has something to do with character, personality, or something along those lines. With this aspect, the powerful/great trait is definitely present with both wizards (as said before), but what of the goodness, love, etc.? They’re present in Harry, but not in Voldemort (definitely not love). Is it that V/TR could have had the Power to become and Powerful wizard of Goodness, much like Dumbledore? Or is it only the Power aspect that is present in HIS wand feather? Why didn’t he get a wand feather from a Phoenix that wasn’t so full of goodness and love as Fawkes is?

Also, Harry has a sort of connection with Fawkes, whereas TR (I don’t say Voldemort here because we only see him and Fawkes in one scene together [OotP], and only for a very brief moment, Voldemort is concentrating more on Dumbledore and Harry) doesn’t seem to have that much of a connection to Fawkes. He insults the bird and doesn’t pay much attention to it, except when it begins to ruin his run (killing Harry and hurting the Basilisk).

If you have a wand that has a certain feather, hair, heartstring, etc. in it, you’d think you’d have some sort of connection with the animal, or such, that it came from. As you are all perfectly well aware, Fleur’s core is a veela hair. She has a strong connection with her wand core, and the veela from whence it came from. Why? Because it’s her grandmother’s. Of course she has a connection.

Therefore, why doesn’t V/TR have a connection with Fawkes? Or if he does, what is it, and why isn’t it seen? Does V/TR try to hide it, or doesn’t he know that he has it? Or know what it is?

I am so intrigued by what all of you think in regard to this. What are your opinions and thoughts? Please email me about it. Thanks for reading.