Cheering Charms

by Kelsey

“I felt weird, like I’d never be cheerful again…”
~ Ron Weasley

We all know that Dementors suck your soul out through your mouth, and they feed off your happiest thoughts and memories, but what if they couldn’t reach them? You’re probably thinking, “Man, she needs a nap.” But think about it logically. The students know a cheering charm, right? The “coincidently” learned it in their third year, the same year the Dementors came to Hogwarts. I think that a cheering charm will keep you, well…cheerful – no matter what happens.

On page 294, it says that the Cheering Charms “left them both with great feelings of contentment,” and on page 317, Ron is led to a separate room for an hour, since Harry overdid his Cheering Charm out of nerves. If a Dementor were about to kiss you, wouldn’t you overdo your Cheering Charm?

I have found only one thing to disprove my theory: Professor Lupin. He says that a Patronus is the only way to get rid of a Dementor. I’ve worked my way around that.

Harry Potter has a past most of us would not like to have. He is not weak, but the Dementors affect him more than others. So, what he needs is something to help him keep his right mind, something to keep him…cheerful. A Cheering Charm! Ever since Sirius died, he’s been quiet. (For the last ten pages of the book or so, anyway.) And he wanted to be alone, which I personally think will lead him into a depression.

He will probably see Sirius fall through the veil, which, as it only happened a few months ago, will still have fresh emotions. Cue the cheering charm, which will make him think it’s funny, and he might be able to use that as a good memory, since you aren’t really insane when it’s placed upon you.

But with JK Rowling, you never know.