Harry Potter and the Vanishing Allowance

by Nikki C. 

At one point or another we’ve all done it. We’ve been a victim of it, and we probably will be again. You done it, or at least thought about it, and God knows I’ve certainly done it.

I’m talking about Harry Potter merchandise.

All those hours we’ve spent online, pouring over HP-related shirts, scarves, statues, etc. could be put to a better use (say, homework?) but we don’t care.

No, instead we will continue to look, drool, and save our money.

When Grandma hands over the Christmas cash, the one thing that will be going through our minds is “Nimbus earrings here I come!”

Of course, at times, I’ve felt guilty about it, knowing that all this merchandise is one of the main reasons that HP is considered to be “kid stuff.” Or I’ll remember how my closet is overflowing with boxes, filled from my younger years when I couldn’t control myself around the millions of Beanie Babies and Pokemon toys. Yes, I have learned my lesson from those things… but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop wanting. I’ve noticed that there are three types of mental sayings we have with ourselves:

We shall control ourselves.

We shall just gently stroke the three-headed Fluffy doll they have at the bookstore next to the HP books and then walk away.

We shall wait.

When the Noble Collection adds more to its collection, we shall wait to see if, in a few weeks, it’s still worth it. Then we shall save and since we will never be able to save enough, we shall put it on the Christmas list.

We shall give in.

(There no joy like being the first to proudly wear Harry’s face on some article of clothing.)

And, of course, you reason with yourself as you stand in the store once more, gently stroking the object thinking, “Well, I always need clothes, it not like I can walk around naked.” Next thing you know, you’ve reached for your size, walked up to the counter and shelled out the $40+ for a T-shirt (or in one case, $10 for knee-high socks) before you’ve even noticed that you’ve given in.

It’s a vicious cycle. Maybe there are a few brave people out there that can walk past a stuffed toy Hedwig and not think twice, and to them I salute.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go order a scarf off Alivan’s, they’re having a sale…