Is Umbridge an Animagus We All Know?

by Enrik and Leon

While reading OotP very carefully, two things caught our eyes: all of the DADA teachers had a special “secret.” One shared a body with Voldemort, one was a fake, another was a werewolf, and the last was an imposter/escaped criminal. What would be the “dark secret” of Umbridge?

Reading OotP carefully we discovered that she’s described as “toad-like” more than one time (it’s also the first impression Harry gets of her when he sees her). So we started thinking about her and came up with an interesting new theory.

We think she’’s an Animagus and has been mentioned in each of the books before by simply being…Trevor! All the Animagi have “real life” similarities to their animals. Sirius’ laughing sounds like a bark and Peter is very rat-like (we don’t have to tell you that, do we?). And, the first impression Umbridge made to Harry was “toad-like.” It is mentioned very often in OotP that he thinks of a toad when he sees her.

The next hint is the development Neville makes in Book 5. Trevor is not mentioned once, but Neville improves his wizarding skills in the DA. We think that Trevor/Umbridge can’’t “look after him” now that she is teacher and so she can’’t bewitch him with memory charms.

Remember in CoS, when Neville received the Rememberall, it immediately turned red — but he couldn’t remember what he had forgot and we never learned anything about it? Is there something important about the attack of his parents that he could remember but is not able to because of these memory charms?

We think that “Uncle Algie,” who gave him Trevor, is a bad uncle. He and Umbridge tried to keep Neville under control — all the time. It is obvious that Algie gave it as a present to Neville after he was sure he was a wizard. Of course, Umbridge has much more to do in the Ministry of Magic and so on that she can’t stay with Neville all the time — and so Trevor is often missed!

Please answer us what you think about this theory!