Moaning Myrtle: Is She the Common Thread Between CoS and HBP?

by Susan W. 

Who is Moaning Myrtle? What do we know about her past? These are the two questions that I have been postulating for a while – ever since JK said that there is a connection between something that happens in CoS that foreshadows, or gives us clues, as to something that happens in HBP. Ever since I saw the second movie and saw Moaning Myrtle, I have often wondered why there is an uncanny resemblance to Harry and James. Could she be a distant relative of James’? If so, she could be the clue to the HBP. Here’s a revelation! What if Moaning Myrtle was Myrtle Potter (James’ sister/possibly aunt)? That would make her very important (and look at the fact her hair and glasses are the same as James’ and Harry’s). That would also indicate that “all” of Harry’s relatives are deceased except for Petunia…The fact that JK said a few years back that James inherited the money (found in Gringotts) would lead me to believe that he may have been from a family of wealth (perhaps royalty?) and we know he didn’t work (as Petunia says in PoA…)

A nickname given to any Muggle born of wealth is usually associated with “royalty” – such as prince or princess. This leads me to wonder if Harry will finally find out about his parents in Book 6 – and the title HBP could indicate that he learns about his father – perhaps through Myrtle? That’s why she said he could share her “toilet”. I don’t think it had anything to do with her liking him because she is quite overprotective with her “toilet” home, but rather he could be family (and we know that James’ parents were the inviting sort – they allowed Sirius to stay with them over the summer).

We assume that James attended Hogwarts in the 1960’s and 1970’s since the “actual” timeline starts around 1980. Either that or she is his mother’s (or perhaps) father’s sister. Perhaps this leads to James’ being a Half-blood prince. If Myrtle is related, then it would indicate that at least one of his parents may have been a witch or a wizard and the other Muggle, or perhaps, he was a “Pedigree” Muggle, who just happened to be born a wizard (perhaps the wizarding part of heredity went unnoticed with the death of Myrtle who could have died and been forgotten by her family – thus she haunts the restroom in a dismal state) because her parents didn’t want anyone to know.

Again, this is just a theory. I am not sure if anyone has tackled this topic. If they have, my profound apologies. If not, I’m glad I gave you something to chew on.

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