Bellatrix: An Astrological Prediction

by Kazaf

Bellatrix Lestrange is named after the pale yellow star, Bellatrix. It is also an established fact that Sirius, Regulus, and Andromeda are also named after stars and constellations. And in some way or other, they all live up to their name sakes.

For instance, Sirius was the brightest student in his school days and could transfigure into a dog. Sirius the Dog Star is the most brilliant star in the night sky. It is also observed that the general influence of the star gives honour, renown, wealth, ardour, faithfulness, devotion, passion, and resentment, and makes its native custodians, curators, and guardians. These characteristics all fit Sirius perfectly. Moreover, it has been said that according to tradition, the star will give a famous death with honours beyond the grave, if positioned in the 8th house.

As for Regulus, prince of the Black family and a young Death Eater that was murdered on Voldemort’s order, it is noted in the star’s general influence that it gives violence, destructiveness, military honour of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death, success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent. We don’’t know much about Regulus yet, but all information that has been disclosed is so far compatible with the star.

So, obviously the Blacks aren’’t named randomly, and their lives are in fact characterised by the stars they were named after. In this sense, it would be logical to analyze and predict Bellatrix’’s fate astrologically.

First, let’’s see what astrologists have to say about the star Bellatrix. The “Female Warrior” is a pale yellow star marking the left shoulder of Orion, the Great Hunter. (Lord Voldemort?!) General influence of the star includes:

1) It gives great civil or military honour but danger of sudden dishonour, renown, wealth, eminent friends and liability to accidents causing blindness and ruin. If prominent in a woman’s map it makes her loquacious and shrewish, and gives a high-pitched, hard and sharp voice. (Vivian E. Robson)

2) If positive properties can be drawn out, will lead to advancement and success, but those who succeed always have to allow for being surrounded with envy and hatred. Quick decision making, thoughts and plans being realised with energy, courage, fighting spirit, strategic talents, ability to organise, discrimination. Reckless aggressiveness of a belligerent daredevil. (Reinhold Ebertin)

3) Associated with marriage for money and honours followed by reverses. (Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology)

4) Great courage, but a tendency to fight futilely or lose causes if it is not well aspected. (Dr. Eric Morse)

As we can see, some parts of the starry observations have always been satisfied by the canon character. Like the military honour and great courage,

…the woman with heavy-lidded eyes looked up at Crouch and called, “”The Dark Lord will rise again, Crouch! Throw us into Azkaban, we will wait! He will rise again and will come for us, he will reward us beyond any of his supporters! We alone were faithful! We alone tried to find him!”” (GoF, Chapter 30)

belligerence and recklessness,

““He dared–he dares–,”” shrieked Bellatrix incoherently. ““He stands there–filthy half-blood–””
 (OotP , Chapter 35)

and the “high-pitched, hard and sharp voice” has also been seen in OotP, Chapter 35, Beyond the Veil, when Bellatrix imitated a baby voice to mock Harry.

““I want to know where Sirius is!”” mimicked the woman to his left.“”The little baby woke up fwightened and fort what it dweamed was twoo,”” said the woman in a horrible, mock-baby voice…The woman who had mimicked him let out a raucous scream of laughter.

““Come out, come out, little Harry!”” she called in her mock baby voice, which echoed off the polished wooden floors. “”What did you come after me for, then? I thought you were here to avenge my dear cousin!””

So it’s time for us to pay attention to bits the applicability of which is not yet realised.

First of all, the middle part of point (1) above is interesting. If you combine everything together, the result would be that Bellatrix is going to suffer from sudden dishonour and may possibly end up being punished with blindness or something to do with the eyes.

Secondly, Bellatrix is apparently in the higher rank among the Death Eaters, due to her loyalty to Lord Voldemort and her presumable talents. As is mentioned in point (2), Bellatrix, though successful in fulfilling her responsibilities, might be secretly envied and hated by fellow Death Eaters because of the Dark Lord’s partiality for her and their surreptitious lust for the recognition she possesses.

Thirdly, although the part about association with marriage for money and honour is true, the latter part of point (3) is currently ungrounded, but suggestive all the same. Chances are that Bellatrix may suffer setbacks linked with her pure-blood marriage with Roldophus Lestrange. She might either be hindered or embroiled by Roldophus-related scandals.

Lastly, point (4) suggests that Bellatrix’s efforts may prove futile, or fruitless, and she will lose because of her exceeding aggressiveness.

So, in conclusion, despite the fact that Bellatrix the female warrior is currently trusted and appreciated by the Dark Lord, it is likely that she is going to lose her grip and be discarded with sight-related punishment in the near future, and the cause might somehow have something to do with her husband Roldophus Lestrange.

And I wish to add personally that if all these predictions came true, it would serve her right. Curse Bellatrix for ever killing Sirius!