Eyes Are Windows to the Soul, Part 2

by Julie A. 

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for reading my editorial and providing such great feedback! It makes me feel good that a lot of people really enjoyed reading it, and I was surprised how many people told me they thought the same thing.

I also enjoyed reading about why many people did not think my theory could be possible. I will have to admit, I wanted to get my editorial out quickly before the holidays (I’m from the US), and I did not have time to incorporate as much of my personal opinion that I would have liked to. The first time I read the series, the constant reminder that Harry “has his mother’s eyes” hit me like a ton of bricks. I picked up on Ms. Rowling’s writing style right away, and I knew that she was repeating herself for a reason. After surfing the internet one day at work (I was working so hard that day) I came across MuggleNet and all the wonderful editorials that the fans have written, particularly Maline’s North Tower (as well as Red Hen Publications). When her editorial on the analysis of the Changeling Hypothesis came out, I thought it was brilliant! I was a little surprised that no one really wrote about Harry’s eyes though, especially after the Changeling Hypothesis came out. (However, after my first editorial came out, I discovered another brilliant editorial on Veritaserum by Laine that shared the same theory as myself.

What I do not understand about the Changeling Hypothesis theory is, if Voldemort’s soul was transferred into Harry, then what was hiding in the Dark Forest and was able to attach itself to Professor Quirrell? And what happened to Voldemort’s body? There are a lot of unanswered questions that many people have attempted to answer, but I have not seen anything yet that has totally convinced me. The point of this editorial is to expand on my ideas and discuss some of the topics many people have brought to my attention. (Thanks Stephanie!)

Let me say this: I do not believe that Lily is alive in Harry. I believe it is her SOUL and only her soul that has kept Harry alive. A lot of people have written me saying that my theory is bogus because Lily was a woman and Harry is a boy, and because he had feelings for Cho, that would be a little strange. I do not think that Lily was reincarnated into Harry by any means. On MerriamWebster.com, the definition of a soul is 1: “the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life; and 2: the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe.” I am not trying to incorporate religion into this, but it is my belief that the soul of a person is what keeps them alive, but does not determine who they are as a person. Choice and free will make a person who they are (which also happens to be a theme throughout the series).

In my opinion, it is not the soul that makes you male or female; it is your physical body. Harry is a male and has male tendencies and feelings, as well as emotions, which make him attracted to Cho. I really do not think both souls (Harry’s and Lily’s) are in Harry. I believe it is just Lily’s. I think Voldemort killed Harry. However, Harry was “The Boy who Lived” because of Lily’s sacrifice – she saved his life. In a sense, Harry was re-born. It is because of this Harry did not appear out of Voldemort’s wand in GoF. But again, just because it is Lily’s soul does not mean it is Lily. Many people have said that Lily would not be as selfish to transfer her soul into Harry, but I believe the opposite. I do not think it is out of selfishness that she did what she did. She did it to keep her son alive. She knew Voldemort would try to kill them both, and as long as she could trick him into the “my life for Harry’s” contract and kill her first, she could sacrifice herself and save Harry. And as I’ve said, it is not Lily who is alive in Harry; Harry is his own person and has his own thoughts and free will.

Regarding whether Voldemort is aware of what is going on, I do think he knew what happened to himself. I will use a quote I have used before, that I believe is important and proves that Voldemort knows exactly what Lily did to him, and in turn, what happened to him that night. In OotP, Dumbledore told Harry:

You would be protected by an ancient magic of which he knows, which he despises, and which he has always, therefore, underestimated – to his cost. I am speaking, of course, of the fact that your mother died to save you. She gave you a lingering protection he never expected, a protection that flows in your veins to this day. I put my trust, therefore, in your mother’s blood. (pp. 835-836)

I think there is ancient magic that can save someone’s life by sacrificing your own. I think the reason Voldemort underestimated it was because he was in Slytherin, and if we know anything about Slytherins, it’s that they will do anything they can to get themselves ahead. By no means would they sacrifice themselves to save someone else.

I feel strongly about my theory, however, it is all in good fun and a great way to pass time in between books. Of course, these are my personal opinions and interpretations. I loved all the feedback regarding my last editorial and hope I have explained myself a little better this time around.