The U-Bend #21: Goblet of Fire Trailer Countdown Spectacular!

by Andrew Lee and Robert Lanto

“What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.”
–Hagrid (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

The Goblet of Fire trailer is just around the corner, and we here at The U-Bend are ready. From the opening scene to the cool looking font used to make the title, The U-Bend will provide in-depth trailer analysis within hours…er, days (a week at the latest) when the trailer is released. Luckily there was a short preview on ABC and this preview was screencapped and posted on Mugglenet. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…we can only think of two: looks interesting. Let’s take a closer look at what was released shall we?


Featuring the new, sleek-haired, Yule Ball version of Hermione is fab-u-lous. Darlings, we can’t tell you how much we adore their take on Hermione. And we’re not saying that simply because we crave flaming piles of e-mail arriving in our inboxes (oh, behave, you angry mobs). And that smile…makes my heart melt. You go girl!


New Action Swimming Harry! See Harry in his new swimsuit with real fish-like swimming action! Action! Excitement! Is that dragon shooting fire out of its nose?

Mr. Cannon

The greatest addition to Goblet of Fire is the appearance of Mr. Cannon. Who needs more screen time for Cho or Cedric when we can see Mr. Cannon? It’s because we know it’ll be a blast. Mr. Cannon reminds us that even the most patient of us have a short fuse.

So, there you have it, from Hermione to Harry and all the way to Mr. Cannon, the future of the Potter movie franchise. This preview has us wanting more. But what do you do until then? Well, starting from last Saturday’s preview here is our carefully reconstructed timeline of Potter news in the last week and what we did to prepare for the trailer.

Saturday, April 30 (Denial)
Missed Goblet of Fire preview. Can’t believe it. Accusations fly but in the end a faulty VCR and a lack of a TV Guide are blamed.

Sunday, May 1
Mugglenet places screencaps and video of the ABC Goblet of Fire preview online. Woot!

Wednesday, May 4 (Anger)
Mugglenet confirms that clips of the trailer will be shown during the Chamber of Secrets airing on ABC, but the full length trailer will not be seen until Monday at the earliest, unless you can intercept the satellite feed. Attempts to launch the homemade satellite, Mugglenet-1, launched from Robert’s backyard, prove fruitless.

Thursday, May 5 (Bargaining)
Tom Felton updates his blog. Attempts to modify it to pass it off as a new U-Bend article fail miserably. Mugglenet-1 is scrapped and turned into Charred Coffetable-1 in Robert’s living room.

Friday, May 6 (Depression)
Realization that we actually will have to write a U-bend of trailer analysis. That means we’ll actually have to work this weekend. Time to crack open that tub of ice cream again. *sigh*

Saturday, May 7 (Acceptance)
Well, it’s too late now. Time to get those analysis caps out and prepare to write up our trailer impressions. Well, no point in dwelling in the past, forward to the Goblet of Fire! Comfy chairs: check. Heavily salted snacks: check. TV: check. Place finishing touches on U-Bend article: check.

And that brings us up to right now. So all we can do now is wait and we’ll see you next time with our with Goblet of Fire impressions!