Pastiche du Potter

by Lady Lupin

Since dubbing myself “Lady Lupin” and especially since taking on my expanded role as Spinner’s End columnist (I feel like I need a Quick Quotes Quill™ now), I have been sent numerous ideas, questions, thoughts and ponderings. I have also come up with several of my own. Some of them develop, as you have seen and will continue to see, into whole editorials. Others have been obstinately refusing to develop into any theory with enough detail and cohesiveness to warrant a whole article. Nonetheless, they are niggling at me, and, as I perceive it from your emails and posts, at many of you as well. This editorial will give several of these little teaser thoughts a hearing, as well as see what we can make of them. Therefore, I use the term “pastiche,” not to denote an imitation or parody, but a hodge-podge of ideas… a jumble of thoughts – the meanderings of a hopelessly addicted Potterholic. I suggest you read and digest this editorial in sections. Though the entire piece is quite long, each topic is a mini-article in itself, so it may be easier to take in the bits that interest you and let the rest go.

I encourage you to use the Spinner’s End forums for your discussion of the many ideas aired in this pastiche. I will answer personal emails as quickly as possible, but am a bit slow at the moment, and a bit backed up. You can get a much better discussion going on the Forum. Many of you write with the same ideas and thoughts, and you would sooner find kindred spirits to respond to you in the forums. And, I beg you, in the spirit of my namesake, Mr. Lupin, try to be patient with those with whom you disagree. Let’s make the Spinner’s End board a place for civilized, lively and respectful discussion among fellow fans. I have it on good authority (my readers’ emails) that many become discouraged from using the boards because of the tone that discussions can sometimes take. Let us set a very high bar at Spinner’s End. We may disagree and debate; we may even, occasionally, argue. But we will respect everyone’s right to have and express their views and treat each other honorably at all times. Remember, whatever our individual views, we are all logged onto MuggleNet because we share an appreciation for JKR’s splendid work, and because, in this day and age, we are fortunate enough to be able to discuss it with fellow fans around the world at the touch of a keyboard. As Hermione says in OotP, let us “try for a bit of inter-house unity.”

Part I: Lily’s Eyes

Part II: The Beginning of the End

Part III: The Secrets of the Locket

Part IV: RAB – How Did He Do It?

Part V: Bill Weasley

Part VI: The Gleam

Part VII: Caradoc Dearborn

Part VIII: Thrice Defied

Part IX: Why Was Lily Offered Her Life?

Part X: Ravenclaw Will Have Its Day

Part XI: The Other Lost Prophecies