MuggleCast #59: Time To Talk Time

Another episode of our weekly Harry Potter podcast has just been released! Join Jamie, Laura, Kevin, Micah and myself for some great discussion on time travel:

– What kind of control does the Ministry have over it?
– Can anyone with the right tools change time?
– Is the Time-turner the only device that can affect time?
– Will time play a role in Book 7?
– Why is it so important that you are not seen when traveling back in time?

All that and more can be found by downloading the show on the MuggleCast portion of this site. For an easy listening experience, we recommend subscribing for free through iTunes. Each week the show will automatically download to your computer almost as soon as its released.

On top of this, our much-anticipated (and belated) Episode 57 finally made its debut on Friday night. In this show, available through the regular sources, our main discussion is Aunt Petunia. We hope you enjoy this double shot of MuggleCast this weekend!