MuggleCast #92: Big Bald Mr. Clean

On this week's episode of our Harry Potter podcast, Eric comes up with a new description for Voldemort. It's one of those comparisons that you know is true but never realized. Join Eric, Laura, Kevin, Micah and me for that huge revelation. Plus:

– Movie Discussion: New TV spots, Umbridge, and running time.
– Andrew has a big announcement about his music career.
– Does that weird symbol represent the pieces of Voldemort's soul?
– Main Discussion: Harry Potter and the Relics of Death.
– Does this confirm the Deathly Hallows are the Horcruxes?
– We examine the definition of relic and etymology of Horcrux.
– Laura wonders why Slughorn said it's a spell, not a curse, that creates a Horcrux.
– Double dose of Chicken Soup.

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