US and UK Leaky Mug Premiere Podcasts!

Attention all UK visitors: We'll be hosting a live Leaky Mug podcast after the Order of the Phoenix premiere on July 3rd! Join Jamie, Kevin, Melissa, John, Sue and me at the Piccadilly Theatre at 7 PM for the show. The address is:

Piccadilly Theatre
16 Denman Street,

We apologize for the delay in announcing this event, but we hope everyone can still make it out! As you can see, it was for a good cause: We've never been in such a big or beautiful theater, and send big thanks to Borders for making it happen!

Attention all US premiere-goers: We will be doing a live Leaky Mug on July 9th at 5 PM in the Borders of Westwood – the same place where we hosted a Leaky Mug in September. The address is:

Borders Books and Music
1360 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90024

As with all Leaky Mugs, we ask that you please send an e-mail to hplive at gmail dot com if you plan on going. In your e-mail, please include which podcast you plan on attending and with how many people. See you there!