Interview with composer Nicholas Hooper

A new audio interview with the Order of the Phoenix soundtrack composer Nicholas Hooper was conducted by Hooper admits himself that he is a fan of the books and is “completely hooked” and that it brought his wife and him together. He talks about how he felt about being involved with the films after two other composers and how he felt about picking up the series in the fifth movie:

“It could have been difficult, but because of David's [Yates] help and the fact that he so much knew what the kind of music he'd want, that made a huge difference. Following John Williams is always a bit forbidding really, because he is such a great composer, but at least I had his theme to work with which I enjoyed doing too and I think just working from the base, working with David so well, and the fact that I knew the books so well, I had a lot going for it really.”

The soundtrack will be released July 10th in the US.