MuggleCast #106: Live from Pittsburgh

Our final stop on the 2007 MuggleCast Road tour is now available! Join us for a birthday-themed show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Ben, Emerson, Jamie, Mikey and I. Also in this show, we continue our discussion on Deathly Hallows and how Harry Potter has changed through the series.

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As this is the last live show from the tour, I'd like to take a paragraph to thank EVERYONE who turned out at any of the eight stops. We loved seeing and meeting huge turnouts at each event. We also want to thank Alex, Toby, Tyler, and Brandon of The Remus Lupins for letting us merge one leg of their tour with us. Without them, the shows we did would not be possible. We had a fantastic time with them out on the road and encourage everyone to take a listen to their albums.