JKR Further Explains Dumbledore’s Sexuality

At her final tour stop in Ontario, Canada, today, J.K. Rowling received questions from the press concerning her revelation that Dumbledore is gay:

“The plot is what it is,” said Rowling. “(Dumbledore) did have, as I say, this rather tragic infatuation, but that was a key part of the ending of the story, so there it is. Why would I put the key part of [the] ending of my story in Book 1?”

Rowling said Tuesday she found it “freeing” to out Dumbledore, adding that the passages about him will mean different things to different readers.

“I think a child will see a friendship, and I think a sensitive adult may well understand that it was an infatuation,” she said.

The Toronto Star has a full report from her Ontario visit, including answers to a couple of questions asked by audience members. Thanks to those who emailed with the tip!