MuggleCast #117: Butterbeer by the Keg

Ben returns to our Harry Potter podcast this week and there's so much discussion, it requires a lot more than just one pint of butterbeer. Laura, Micah, Eric and I join Ben in going over everything JK Rowling revealed at her book reading last week at Carnegie Hall, including:

– Dumbledore is gay – initial thoughts from the hosts!
– Eric gives us a full report on MuggleCast LIVE in Australia!
– We go over each of the questions answered at the October 19th reading in NYC.
– Andrew, Laura, and Micah talk about meeting Jo. (Yes, life is now complete.)
– Should Jo have revealed Dumbledore's sexuality?
– Why does it matter, and why is it front-page news?
– The hosts become quite opinionated when it comes to fans who act as though Dumbledore being gay tarnishes his character.

All that and much more comes in this very entertaining and important episode of MuggleCast. We want to warn listeners that this episode does contain mature discussion and nothing within the show should be taken personally if it were to offend you (which we're pretty sure it won't).

With that said, we recommend subscribing for free in iTunes if you're a new listener (current listeners: update your feed). Full shownotes and alternate download links can be found over at the MuggleCast website. Enjoy!