OOTP DVD to allow portable media and PC downloads

Warner Brothers is pioneering a new digital download concept with the upcoming Order of the Phoenix DVD release, Video Business reports. WB will be including two digital copies of the fifth Potter film on its DVD, which you'll be able to download onto your PC or portable media player:

Jim Wuthrich, Warner senior VP of digital distribution, unveiled the development at Tuesday’s DVD Forum conference here, as he discussed the studio’s plans to meet what it sees as a growing consumer demand for digital content.

“You can buy the DVD and have the option of the digital copy,” said Wuthrich. “This future-proofs the format for consumers.”

While there is no word yet on exactly which media players you'll be able to put OOTP on, we can assume WB is targeting the very large iPod and iPhone markets. Both devices are capable of playing movies on-the-go. The DVD will be released in the UK on November 12th and the US on December 11th. Thanks to Lauren for the tip!