CBBC Newsround reviews Order of the Phoenix DVD

Lizo over at CBBC Newsround has posted a review of the upcoming Order of the Phoenix DVD, which is scheduled for release tomorrow (November 12th) in the UK. He gives the DVD 3 out of 5 stars and writes this about his favorite parts:

Which are the best bits?

Seeing some of the behind the scenes stuff in the Tonks feature. The long version of the scene where Umbridge inspects Professor Trelawney's Divination lesson is great.

Fans who are particularly into the books will enjoy the Secrets of Harry Potter documentary, although now those that have read Deathly Hallows will have had a lot of their questions already answered.

Fans who are more into the films will enjoy the editing feature where they can try putting together a scene in the Room of Requirement.

Anyone looking to purchase it in the United States will have to wait until, very unfortunately, December 11th. Thanks to Ukean34 and Lisa for the tip!