HBP sneak peek from OoTP DVD

With the Order of the Phoenix DVD having been released earlier today in the United Kingdom, fans have already uploaded the two Half-Blood Prince sneek peek clips online.

The first clip entitled “Quidditch Back in Style” is an interview with Costume Designer Jany Termime where she discusses what Harry, Ron and Draco's uniforms will look like in the sixth film, saying that this year it's “more dangerous” and that she took some “inspiration from American football.”

The second clip is an interview with Production Designer Stuart Craig in which he talks about the creation of the orphanage where Tom Riddle lived, making a point of it “not being a nice place.”

There are also a few quick scenes featuring Harry with Dumbledore, Dumbledore in the cave and Harry talking to Mr. Weasley. Thanks to Trish for sending this in!

EDIT: The video has been taken down by WB.