Order of the Phoenix DVD updates

Several MuggleNetters have been e-mailing in a couple of Order of the Phoenix DVD updates this evening.

First, we've learned that the Half-Blood Prince sneak peek promised on the OOTP DVD will be viewed on the internet. Once you have your copy of the film, insert it into your computer and visit this page. There are two clips blocked out right now which can be viewed when your OOTP DVD is in the computer. It looks like both feature Half-Blood Prince filming with Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Michael Gambon (Dumbledore).

Second, Yahoo! UK has online a preview of the Order of the Phoenix DVD special features. This clip shows Natalia Tena (who plays Tonks) working with a choreographer to create some dueling scenes. Click here and then click “Watch the Exclusive DVD clip” on the right. Enjoy!