Rowling updates Rubbish Bin

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has updated her official site to address two new rumors in her Rubbish Bin.

The first entry concerned the recent lawsuit against an Indian community for building a replica of Hogwarts castle. Rowling noted that she herself did not bring the lawsuit and that her name always gets attached to such things for legal reasons. Jo also attempted to clear up the situation, saying:

“The defendants were not religious charities, and theirs was not a religious celebration. On the contrary, it was a large-scale, commercial, sponsored event involving corporations that included a major Indian high street bank. The event was, however, set up while a Hindu festival was going on.”

Jo in her second entry poked fun at a recent tabloid article which stated she does pilates, yoga, jogs, has botox injections and has cut out saturated fats, by joking she clearly has been “Rowling back the years.”