MuggleCast #122: Special Positioning – and HPA podcast

Laura reveals something to Micah, Andy, Matt (special guest host) and I that makes us immaturely giggle on this week's episode of our Harry Potter podcast. We cover chapter two of Deathly Hallows and much more, including:

– MuggleCast to podcast from Portus 2008!
– David Heyman and his wife.
– A look at Beedle the Bard.
– MuggleMail checks out some of last week's discussion.
– Comparing the Doge and Rita articles.
– Listener e-mails about Chapter 2.
– New game: QUOTE QUIZ quiz quiz.

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Also, the Harry Potter Alliance has released a new podcast that covers their latest effort, DarfurFast. The call to action, backed by MuggleNet, The Leaky Cauldron, and the Wizard Rock community, focuses on fasting from one luxury item and instead putting the money towards Darfur. We encourage you all to listen to the special HP Alliance podcast and visit their website to learn how to donate.