MuggleCast #123: Anger

A few missing co-hosts this week leads me to let out my frustrations on this week's episode of our Harry Potter podcast. Join Micah, Andy, Matt and me for a great discussion on Chapter 3 of Deathly Hallows, including:

– We discuss The Golden Compass and its controversy.
– MTV's list of Wizard Rock bands is unfair and inaccurate.
– What were the Dursleys feeling when they left Harry?
– Would Harry come back to save them?
– Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast soul.
– We reminisce over the old Sorcerer's Stone VHS tape.

All that and much more can be found on this week's episode! To download, we recommend subscribing (for free) within Apple iTunes or Zune Marketplace. That way, each episode will automatically be sent to your computer as soon as it is released. You can also visit the MuggleCast website for complete show notes and alternate download links. Enjoy!