MuggleCast #128: Questionable Questions

We have several questions on this week's episode of our Harry Potter podcast that need answering. Join Eric, Laura, Micah, Matt and me for those mind-benders, plus:

– Rumors concerning a two-part Deathly Hallows surface.
– Harvard announces JK Rowling to give commencement keynote. We fantasize.
– Chapter by Chapter: Kreacher's Tale.
– How does the Fidelius Charm actually work?
– How does Bathilda Bagshot visit Lily if Pettigrew is the only Secret Keeper?
– Favorites: We each talk about our favorite song from the Potter soundtracks.
– Chicken Soup.
– Dog bloopers!

All that and much more can be found on this week's show! To download, we recommend subscribing for free through either Apple iTunes or the ZUNE Marketplace. You can also find full shownotes and alternate download links at the MuggleCast website. Enjoy!