MuggleNet presents your Wizard Rock resource

Four months in development, today we're bringing you our latest project: MuggleNet's Wizard Rock section! With over 160 bands in our database, you can read interviews, listen to samples, write reviews, and more! It's the perfect place for you to discover the fandom phenomenon that is the music genre of Wizard Rock.

MuggleNet will begin covering more Wizard Rock-related news now that we have an area to archive it all. We also have more plans for this section, so check back regularly as it continues to grow! A huge, GIGANTIC thank you goes to Christine Roberts who has conducted interviews with all of the bands and organized all of the information you see. We'd also like to thank Matt, our fantastic coder, who did a perfect job of creating the back-end of our database. This project would not have been possible without either of them.

Get listening, get reviewing, and enjoy!